5 Amazing Spring Time Hair Colors To Try At The LaCoupe Hair Salon

LaCoupe Hair Salon

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons because it allows fashion lovers to finally go out and show off their best style. One of the most important aspects of a lady’s outfit is, of course, the hair and you need to wear it in a style that matches this fun season.

After months of laid-back style winter hairstyles, springtime is an opportunity to try out something bold. After all, when was the last time you had an opportunity to step out in a bold hairstyle? Hair coloring is a great way to welcome the warmer months of the year.

This article explores a few of the trending bold color hairs that you should try. Your hair stylist will have an idea of the best for your hair type. Read on.


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LaCoupe Hair Salon

1. Wood Hair Coloring

If you are a hair-coloring enthusiast, you must have seen the wood hair color on a fashion magazine or on the red carpet. It is a subtle, gorgeous brunette hue with a dash of pale ash or pine or maple shade.

It has a touch of authenticity and elegance and a raw dimension which will make heads turn. Wood hair color works for every season of the year but is perfect for the warmer months when you can proudly show off your hair.

2. Rose Gold​

For a long time, rose gold color has simmered below the surface in all fashion spheres. Whether in jewelry making or garments, fashion lovers are yet to exploit the full potential of this color.

However, things are about to change with rose gold hair. Simmering rose gold is the next big thing in hair coloring and you should try out at the ever-popular LaCoupe Hair Salon.

3. Faded Pastel​

During the warmer months of the year, fashion lovers like wearing fun and exciting colors.  When it comes to hair coloring, your stylist will most likely recommend faded pastel for your hair.

It is not a very bold hair color but it protects your hair and you can even use extensions to try this hairstyle with no strings attached. Attachments won’t take a toll on your hair and changing the color is faster.

4. Creamy Blonde​

Like most hair-coloring enthusiasts, you are most likely familiar with honey blon​​de or platinum blonde. Well, creamy blonde is a departure from these popular colors. Creamy blonde has neutral and golden tones which work easily with any skin type. If you are after a youthful and fresh look during the warmer months.

5. Inky Black​

Of course, black is the easiest color to choose for your hair. Well, it is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of hair coloring during the warmer months. However, this jet-black shade, which started trending in fall, will still work in spring. Inky black hair color is rich and has a hint of blue. It is unique and gives your hair a reflective shine.

Your hairstylist at LaCoupe Hair Salon will, of course, have a plethora of other incredible hair colors to give your color some life. These professionals have the expertise and tools to turn your ordinary looking hair into the focal point of your fashion style.

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