5 Best Looking Book Writers Of All Time

Looking Book Writers

Readers are fond of checking out the most popular books in the library. However, we all have at times had different interests other than the book itself. The authors of these literary works have also won the interest of people.

Although this is not a fashion industry, there are those book writers who are good looking and have added some bit of attraction to themselves and not only because of their books. Ideally, professional essay writers and other types of writers are also known for their good looks and not just their writings. Here are 5 best looking book writers throughout history.


5 Best Looking Book Writers

Looking Book Writers

1. Ernest Hemingway

Although dead, Ernest Hemingway was a looker despite being misogynistic. He was an American journalist, a sportsman, novelist, journalist, and short-story writer. Hemmingway was known for his understated and economical style of writing, which he called the iceberg theory.

His influence on fiction works was great in the 20th century. However, later generations admired him for his public image and adventurous lifestyle. He was a sight to behold for many onlookers. Therefore, people knew him either through his literary works or through his looks. One thing led to another.

2. Alice Walker 

Alice Walker, an American poet, novelist, short story writer, and activist has won the hearts of many people both by her skill in writing and her looks as well. Her prowess in storytelling adds more to her beautiful soul and natural looks making her even more interesting to follow through her works.

Walker wrote “The Color Purple” novel that won her the National Book Award for hardcover fiction and several other accolades. Writers are loved because of their work but for Walker, it is more than she put on paper – her looks.

3. John Steinbeck

This American book writer who won a Nobel Prize in Literature back in 1962 was also admirable because of his fashion and style. He won the attention of the masses due to his good looks as well and not just through his imaginative and realistic works.

His works were characterized with sympathetic humor with a keen social view. They called him “a giant of American letters” with many of his works regarded as classics of literature in the Western world.

4. Rupert Brooke

Rupert Chawner Brooke was not only known for his poetry but also his looks as well. He was once described as the “handsomest” young man in England during his time. His idealistic war sonnets such as “The soldier” made him popular alongside his good looks as well.

He had boyish looks that are believed to have inspired to do poetry. People loved him not only for his creativity in poetry but more so because of how he looked to the public. He was admirable to his fans.

5. Nell Freudenberger

Nell Freudenberger is known for “The Dissident” and “The Newlyweds” novels together with the story collection – Lucky Girls that won her the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the PEN/Malamud Award as well.

She has been featured in many circles and named among the New Yorker’s “20 under 40.” Nell has won hearts everywhere and this has been attributed to her excellence in writing and her personal image as well.

Final Thoughts 

There are many writers known for other things and not only for their writing ability. Actually, some are known for their beauty first before anyone could know that they are good at thesis writing.

Over the years, there has been a crop of writers who have sparked interest in the public not only because of their writing creativity but because of looks as well. They are famous for writing and good looks.

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