How to Make Your Nails Truly Pop This Season

Make Your Nails Truly Pop This Season

There is something about the chicness of a fresh manicure. Looking down at your hands and seeing that extra bit of detail and style a little something extra that signals the attention to detail of your look.

While achieving that perfect look can feel expensive, to create a stylish look you do not have to break the bank. There are options for almost any budget and any style. Everyone’s style calls for a different approach and look for their nails, so consider which of these best suits your style to make your nails pop this season.


Just as there are in fashion, there are trends for your nails to keep them in style. Nail shape, color, décor and style all change over time, and what was in before may not be the in look. To make your nails have that extra pizazz, it is key to keep your look up to date with the most popular shape, color and style. Particularly with embellishments and colors, what is popular changes every season.

While not everyone will want to embrace a new color with each trend, you can spice up a traditional look with a chic and stylish take, like juxtaposed color details on a classic manicure or an inverted french manicure featuring a trendy accent color. To achieve a great look, you can choose a trendy nail shade that suits your skin tone is a sure-fire way to achieve that awe-inspiring look that you’re hoping for.

Professional Décor

Many professionals who specialize in nails can add gorgeous designs and detailing that mere customers could never imagine doing. When doing your nails yourself, it can be challenging to add additional design unless you’re ambidextrous.

Therefore, for designs enlisting someone with expertise in this area can give you the added flair, whether on one nail or a design on each give the pop that you’re after. Whether you prefer polka dots, gemstones, flowers or something funkier, you can spice up your look by adding some pizazz to your look.

Home Manicures

For those who may not want to spend the money of a professional or salon manicure, there are key factors to consider when painting your own nails to make them pop. Caring for your nails goes beyond the color choice, as a base and top coat and cuticle care are also integral factors of having well-groomed, eye-catching nails.

While added steps, applying a high-quality base and top coat are key to giving you a long-lasting and polished final look. The short-term investment of your time in the painting process will lead to significant benefits when you avoid damage and chipping to your nails over time. Cuticle care is another necessary component is the care and presentation of your manicured look.

While not everyone pays as close attention to this, cuticles that have been improperly cared for can not only give you that unpolished look, if cut incorrectly can lead to pain and even infection. If you are considering cuticle care, consider a bamboo stick and cuticle oil to avoid a painful issue and nasty bacteria.


Properly accessorizing has added benefits beyond achieving the perfect ensemble. The right accessories can also provide that added edge to make your nail look truly pop. The color of the accessory will have different effects when paired with different nail colors and skin tones.

If you’re wondering what is white gold? And how it will pair with my nails and skin, it is similar in tone to sterling silver as opposed to the classic yellow gold. Considering which accessories best compliment your skin tone, style and nail polish can give you that added effect that you’re looking for.

Whether you consider at-home nail care, professional designs or pairing accessories, there are choices for all budgets, looks and styles to give your nails that wow effect. Consider how you’ll create that killer look this season with one of these options.

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