6 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

"Makeup mistakes that make you look older". Your makeup is supposed to make you look better. We use it, so our skin appears more even, our lips more luscious, and our eyes bigger and brighter.

However, there are a handful of makeup mistakes that can cost us our vibrant appearance and make us look older. Sure, aging is a part of life and one we should be grateful to experience, but this doesn't mean we want to look older than we actually are.

Thankfully, while these age-accelerating beauty blunders are common, they are also easy enough to fix. Read on to see if your makeup regime is unwittingly adding years to your face.

6 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Mistake #1: You Sleep With Your Makeup On


Let's start with where your day should end: with taking off your makeup. Life gets busy, and often we just fall into bed at night. Sure, we may have brushed our teeth (but probably not flossed), but our makeup? It's still on there. Leaving your makeup on overnight has been shown to accelerate the aging process.

This is because it compromises your skin's ability to repair and rejuvenate as you sleep - which is the time all the cells in your body get some R&R. By leaving your cosmetics on while you catch some Z's, you're inhibiting the ability of your skin cells to repair. Result? Tired, older looking skin.

The solution is simple. Cleanse your face every single night. Invest in a quality makeup remover as Korean cleansing oil, as well as cleansing cloths for those nights when (let's face it) energy is really low. No excuses.

Mistake #2: Your Foundation Is The Wrong Color

Your Foundation Is The Wrong Color

It may seem obvious, but here's an often overlooked makeup rule: wear foundation that matches your skin color. So many women don't, which makes their skin look like it belongs on someone else's body. It also makes their faces look dull, which will make them look older.

Your foundation needs to match the skin on both your face and your neck. To ensure you have the right shade, dab it onto your face without blending it excessively. It should simply fade into your skin without being forced. Be mindful to pay attention to your jawline to make sure the foundation can blend there as well.

Obviously, applying your foundation all over your visage will give you an unnatural monotone complexion, but that's what bronzer, blushes, highlighters, and contouring products are for: these will add flawless color and dimension to your face.

For the best, most natural look, find a beauty brand that specializes in their foundations and complexion products, House of Fraser vouchers. Get all your products from a single source, and you’ll be guaranteed a flawless, timeless face thanks to products that are meant to work together.

 Also, you can find beauty products at amazing discounted rates if you will utilize House of Fraser vouchers; which can save huge on your money, and you also need not to worry about other expenses.

Mistake #3: Blush Misapplication

Blush Misapplication

Blush is a beautiful thing, but it can age you if you choose the wrong shade and use it incorrectly. A blush that is too dark or light will either make your face look unnecessarily sharp and haggard, or washed out and dull. Both looks will make you look older. It also doesn't help when the blush is applied too low, in the hollows of the cheekbones.

This is where a contouring powder should be placed. When you use blush there, it looks unnatural, which will make your face look disproportionate, appearing as if your skin has been dragged down - and saggy skin does nothing to promote a youthful appearance.

Give your face a lift by applying your blush on the apples of your cheeks, beginning at the top of the apple, and sweeping back to your hairline. Since you want your look to be natural, your application should lighten as it moves back.

To get an idea for the right look and right shade, pinch your cheeks. You will naturally get more color in the meatier part of the apple - and the color you see is the color you should aim to replicate when selecting your shade.

Mistake #4: Going To The Dark Side On Your Lips

Going To The Dark Side On Your Lips

Selecting a shade of lipstick that is too dark for your face will instantly pile on the years. Not only will this make you look more severe, but it will also make your lips look thinner. Since our lips lose fullness as we age, this isn’t a look many of us want to aim for intentionally.

Lighter shades of lipstick will add volume and play up the shape of your lips, while also adding brightness and a fresh look to your face. You don’t have to forsake your favorite berry lipstick, but opt for slightly lighter shades - or simply steer clear of mattes and opt for shinier finishes. Alternatively, you can swipe on a layer of gloss to illuminate your lip look.

Mistake #5: Forgetting Your Brows

Forgetting Your Brows

Much like the hair on our heads, as we get older, the hair of our eyebrows grows thinner. This means neglecting to add a little color and substance to our brows can add years to our faces.

For the best look, select a brow enhancer that’s the same color or a shade darker than your hair. Going too dark will make you look harsh and add a sharp appearance to your face (which isn’t exactly youthful) and going too light won’t do much to bring out your brows.

The precise product you will need depends on your existing brows. If you just need to fill in a bit of color, use a brow brush and a pressed powder. If you need to shape your eyebrows, then opt for a pencil - but remember, stick to a natural shade.

And if you like doing eyebrows, you can even make a career out of it by taking a course and becoming a beauty therapist.

Mistake #6: Not Lining Your Top Lids

Not Lining Your Top Lids

Want to drag your features down and look years older in just a few seconds? Then only use eyeliner on your bottom lids. So many women do this, and it makes their eyes look smaller and their entire face more worn. While you don’t have to use eyeliner at all, if you do, line the top lids too - or the top lids only.

Application tip: keep your line right along the base of your eyelashes, beginning where your lashes start and moving toward the outer corner of your eye.

"Makeup mistakes that make you look older". Make sure your cosmetics are working right for you and keep your face fresher, younger and more vibrant by avoiding these makeup mishaps. You’ve got the intel, now get the look.

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