Time Journey Of Mannequins And Fashion Trends

Mannequins And Fashion Trends

So many fashion trends come and go, but some of them are truly eternal. Just think about that black dress almost every woman has in her closet or a pair of good-old, quality jeans you like to wear on any possible occasion! Time might fly by but these trends are withstanding its merciless test and being equally interesting now as they were 20 or even 50 years ago.

Without a doubt, fashion is one of the most dynamic industries we have today. It’s not only fashion trends that are exchanging every year or even more, but it’s also other aspects of this world you wouldn’t even maybe think of.

When you’re walking inside your favourite shopping mall, just going from one window to the other, what will make you enter the store? We’re not even aware of how vital the mannequins are for our purchase decisions and our customer behaviour in general. 

Let’s say it like this, a simple dress form mannequin can have a significant impact on what you purchase and where you purchase. Most of the times, we’re not even aware of them but that makes them even more powerful.

So, what there is to know about mannequins and how do they impact fashion trends today? Stay tuned as we’re bringing you all the answers in this article. 


Mannequins Today

Fashion Trends

The last time when you went shopping, how did the mannequins look like? It might seem like a strange question, but mannequins haven’t always​​ looked the same way they look today. For instance, during the Second World War, the female mannequins were intentionally made shorter for a few centimetres that what the reality presented. 

During the ‘50s, mannequins were bigger and they looked heavier as opposed to the previous generations when it wasn’t popular for women to have curves or a bit more weight. If we would have to describe today’s mannequins, we would use only one word: diversity. 

You can notice the diversity in the height and the weight of the mannequins, the colours of skin vary from one to other, and they’re in different positions. Some of them are sitting, others seem like they are walking and the majority of them is posing. Simply looking at these windows of your favourite stores is an experience by itself! 

The Role of Mannequins

When you understand the role of mannequins throughout the years, the question that might arise is: “What is the role of mannequins in the fashion world?” The best way to answer it is by using a metaphor. If fashion is the world on its own, the mannequins are its mirror. These mannequins represent all of the trends of our society and our fashion and they display them to potential buyers.

As all of the physical stores today are struggling with closing sales due to a tremendous increase in online stores worldwide, mannequins are even more important than before. For physical stores, mannequins are like a newsletter that will inform your target audience what they can find if they come inside and what type of products they can expect from you. For these stores, mannequins are their way to engage customers into further action that could lead to closing the sale.

What the Future Holds

Although we’re mostly not aware of the importance mannequins have in the fashion world, it’s unbelievable they have been around for almost a hundred years. Is it possible that fashion can evolve in an unpredictable direction which could lead to the end of this powerful tool? It’s hard to say with certainty, but mannequins will probably stay around as long there is fashion. Regardless of the increasing growth of online stores which make the shopping experience available to everyone and everyone, physical stores will not extinct any time soon.

This means that mannequins will still be the thing that makes you want to check out other products of the store based on its window and stores will never neglect its value. After all, what’s the alternative? Displaying clothes on hangers in a store window? 

As there is currently not even one option that could measure up to mannequins and their contribution to sales of these stores, their future seems pretty safe at the moment. However, predicting how these mannequins will look in 30 or 50 years is another thing. We probably can’t expect them to look the same way they do today. Of course, their characteristics will enormously depend on the upcoming fashion trends.


Let there be fashion and there will be all kinds of mannequins displaying that beauty only fashion can produce! Our shopping experience would be tremendously different if we didn’t have mannequins to look at before entering the store and during our visit to it. Seeing how a certain piece of clothing looks on a mannequin might save your time and reveal to you something you would never consider buying if it was on a hanger!

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