How Menoquil Helped Me Get Relief From Hot Flashes


"I tried almost everything to manage these hot flashes, from going to the gym and the menopause supplements to following different diets and even investing in a sweat proof undershirt from Knix."


Tough Time Spent During Menopause

Transitioning into menopause is not an easy feat especially if you have no idea how to handle unexpected symptoms. People over 40 should learn about the symptoms. I wish I had prepared myself to deal with menopause frustrations.

When I started experiencing menopause, I had no idea what was affecting my body. For a minute, I thought I was sick, especially from the uncontrollable night sweats.  I finally decided to consult a physician after my husband persuaded me to. It was then that I learned I was already going through menopause.  Honestly, I panicked because it caught me unprepared. I mean, who wants to be told they are growing old?

During the consultation, my specialist had recommended some menopause supplements. I tried one brand after the other. I got frustrated because hot flashes still bothered me. At some point, things worsened. My body would momentarily fire up from time to time.

 These moments were extremely uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. This kind of experience can reduce your self-esteem. I remember how I used to avoid meetings and other public gatherings. I was not sure how to manage my symptoms.

I tried almost everything to manage these hot fl​​ashes, from going to the gym, to the menopause supplements to following different diets. There was nothing that I had not tried. I found myself spending more than I budgeted to manage this condition. I almost gave up at one point.

 It can be frustrating when you are trying to handle something that seems to worsen each day. But then, my friend introduced me to what would eventually help me have a normal transition. Menoquil is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

How I Was Attracted To Menoquil

My best friend was quick to realize that I was struggling with menopause symptoms. She then introduced me to Menoquil supplements to help alleviate my embarrassing and stubborn menopause symptoms. I started using Menoquil nine months ago, and my quality of life has significantly improved.

I no longer experience terrible mood swings and hot flashes. My energy level has improved and problems such as weight gain, night sweats, and anxiety are long gone. I feel free and young again. Menoquil works perfectly for me. No one can convince me that Menoquil is not the best menopause supplement.

When I Discovered The Positive Effects From Using Menoquil

I had suffered for a long time before I was introduced to Menoquil. I must admit that my life was terrible. I was not sure how I would deal with the symptoms all through menopause. I have no words to express how thankful I am to my friend who introduced me to Menoquil.

I started taking Menoquil supplements the next day after my friend convinced me that it is the most suitable product for me. I did not think twice because I had suffered enough, and I needed a solution. It only took me five days to start feeling the effect of Menoquil. I am glad that Menoquil came at the right time. Since then, Menoquil has been part of my lifestyle, and I love it because it is highly efficient.

How Does Menoquil Work?

Before I started using Menoquil, I had the same question.  Mine was especially centered on Menoquil’s effectiveness. How effective is it? Most people ask me, “does it work?”  From my experience, Menoquil works 100 percent.  There are also many reviews online that can easily inform you of the efficiency of this supplement.

Menoquil works by regulating body hormones. Some of the symptoms experienced during menopause are due to hormonal imbalance. One of the common symptoms is vaginal dryness.  Also, the mood swings are terrible. Menoquil has vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help in regulating the hormones.

Additionally, Menoquil plays a substantial role in improving libido and reducing fatigue.

See The Video Below, To Understand How Menoquil Works

What I liked About Menoquil

One thing that stood out for me while using this supplement was how fast it works. I religiously take it in the morning and the evening. The changes have been incredible.  Before I started using Menoquil, I had tried many different supplements. Each supplement had its own function.  Taking all these supplements can be exhausting.  What I liked most about Menoquil is the fact that it is a multifunctional supplement.

The other thing that I like about the Menoquil supplement is that it is budget-friendly. I got value for my money when I ordered this supplement. I also liked the fact that discounts were offered on a regular basis and they would ship it to me wherever I was when I travelled.

What I Didn’t Like About Menoquil

Honestly, there is nothing I dislike about Menoquil. The product has never disappointed me. I almost gave up on living a quality life due to stressful menopause symptoms, but Menoquil saved me. This product is perfect for my body. The only thing I need to do is to take more time to compare the different Menoquil packages offered to buy it at the lowest price possible. I am a satisfied customer.

How To Increase Your Results With Menoquil

The best way to improve your results when using Menoquil is by taking the tablets as prescribed.  You are supposed to take two tablets on a daily basis. One tablet should be taken in the morning approximately 15 minutes before having breakfast. The other tablet should be taken at night about 1 hour before sleeping.

 It is advisable to also go for medical checkups to see if there are other underlying medical problems. This way, you will get a prescription for other drugs that you may need to take to improve your health. If possible, start dieting or working out if you experience weight gain, as many women do during this time of life.

How To Get Menoquil

Menoquil can be accessed regardless of the part of the world you come from. The easiest and most affordable way to purchase Menoquil is from Menoquil’s official website. The Menoquil website offers discounts and deals. You can also purchase this product from Amazon and eBay.

It is pretty easy to navigate and make an order on the Menoquil website.  The information on the website is well organized and the ordering process is simple. The cost of the product depends on which package you opt for – the more you buy, the more you save.


I highly recommend this product to people who want a supplement that alleviates many menopause symptoms. If you are a woman above the age of 40, this is the best supplement to help you improve your quality of life. You no longer have to worry about any of the most common symptoms of menopause – Menoquil has you covered!

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