Men’s Jewellery: All about Getting It Right

Mens Jewellery

Jewelry has been the ultimate form of self-expression for men and women. The fashion trends have been constantly evolving from the beginning of civilization.

There have been various stages that the relationship between men and jewelry has gone through, throughout history. The historic paintings and other artworks are proof of that.

In today’s world where everyone is all about gender neutrality, jewelry has been coming back at full force into the men’s wardrobe all around the globe.

It is a fluid gesture and ultimately rests upon personal choice with disregard to social norms and mind-sets.

Tinges of Masculinity in jewelry

Even with all the thought and ideas regarding fluidity and gender neutrality, a lot of men still prefer to wear bold, masculine designs. The rugged finish and the powerful nature of men’s jewelry can greatly impact the way a man portrays himself.

They say that the first impression is the best one and this entirely depends on the way you present yourself. Adorning a bold choice of outfit and slaying it with your attitude with the right set of accessories can take you a long way forward in terms of style and impact.

The stones, such as emerald, on men’s jewelry also tend to be more robust and geometric, depicting their inner strength and fierceness. With the times changing, there are more and more designers that specialize in men’s jewelry and designs.

Often minimalism can be used as a concept as well as it can be the point where masculinity meets fluidity. A simple wedding ring for a man, encrusted with a diamond at the center of the band like a dot, is simply a powerful symbol of love.

The demand for such designs is on the rise every day and there are more and more innovations that reach customers every day.

Types of men’s jewelry

In terms of choice of style and design, men’s accessories fall into two categories: The classic gentleman and the edgy contemporary. For a man of bold fashion choices, he can shift between the two and even combine them where the fashion sense approves.

Such men also tend to express themselves a lot through the jewelry they choose to wear. Large bracelets and cuffs are examples of similar expressions.

The one factor regarding jewelry is that often it falls in sync with the character and confidence of the wearer. If you wear an accessory with a certain kind of attitude, people are bound to be attracted to the vibe you throw with your flawless confidence and energy.

For the true lovers of luxury, diamonds and platinum are their one and only calling. Uniquely designed creations fitted with exquisite stones are bound to make any head turn and get you more attention.

The family crest and a symbol of power

In historic times, it was customary for men to wear a ring with their families crest on them. Times have changed but there are people who wear their heirloom with pride as well.

Another advantage of choosing an expensive piece of jewelry is the way it can simply affect the way people glance at you.

Motifs such as falcons, hardware, and chains are often used in men’s jewelry to give off a powerful vibe. Such designs are expanding in terms of choice every single day in the market.

This is a sector of jewelry designs that have had less attention for a few decades of the past. However, this is completely different today and jewelry has returned in full power to the men’s wardrobe now.

Types of jewelry

Men’s jewelry is predominately available in the form of the following models that have been described below.

Necklaces: You can make a simple tee shirt go up the wind with a bold choice of a necklace. Both traditional, as well as stylish designs, have been on the rise.

This is one of the oldest forms of jewelry and it is ideal if you can find one that suits your style and personality, be it minimal or bold. They are made available in different metals and stones as well.

Necklaces are an accessory that can be worn at all times if it is made of a metal that is set well and is not damage prone.

It can be a great gift for a person as well. For men’s necklaces, the trick is in the length of the chain. A few inches below the neck but not too long should do the trick. This blog about mens gold chains can give you some useful tips on selecting one.

Bracelets: Bracelets have been widely accepted as a symbol of wellness and power. The choice is vast for men’s bracelets as they have never been out of fashion. You can choose one that suits you based on your preferred metal as well as the stones used.

The chains can be on the thicker side or the thinner side as per your preference. It is another piece of jewelry that can be worn every day.

Earrings: This is probably the most widely accepted item of jewelry regarding men. Piercing is a common sight even for a man of high living standards.

You can get choosy regarding earrings as they can be one of the first items of jewelry that someone notices on you. Be it classy, rock star or punk, earrings are definite to give your face an added gleam.

Cufflinks: Another common item of jewelry, the cufflinks are specially made in precious metals as well. This is a very creative piece of jewelry and you can choose something that closely relates to your tastes or a particular memory or even your profession.

They can also be set with precious stones such as opal to add an additional touch of richness.

Ethnic and religious jewelry: As discussed earlier, it is common to wear a family heirloom on your ring or a signet ring.

Sometimes even symbolic representation of your religion such as a golden cross is worn by men of the discussed faith. Rosary beads and other forms of prayer beads also fall under this category.

Men tend to be choosy with regard to jewelry and it can get confusing and overwhelming at certain times.

It can be a good idea to stick to the above-mentioned items of jewelry as well. A well-chosen set of clothes combined with the right accessories and jewelry can give you a grand appearance.

Points to note while choosing men’s jewelry

Here are some tips and ideas which can come handy when you go shopping for men’s jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

Keep it simple and slow: If you are someone who is new to the world of men’s jewelry, you can start with baby steps and then move up the ladder. You can start by using a watch and then move up to a tie, cufflinks and so on.

Metal tones: It is ideal to choose a particular shade of metal and mix it with only the kind that will complete the look.

Understanding Symbolism: All items of jewelry carry a meaning within themselves and it is essential to understand what you want to portray when you choose to wear a particular design.

Avoiding ostentatious designs: Such designs can be overwhelming and unnatural, taking the focus away from you. Your jewelry should complement you and add to your outfit and not steal the show.

It is essential to make well-thought-out decisions while choosing your jewelry. If you choose the right piece, it can last you throughout your lifetime and sometimes even act as a family heirloom which you can pass down to your son when he comes of age.