Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Detailed Coverage of Its Syllabus Through Practice Tests

Microsoft AZ-900 Exam

By obtaining the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentalscertificate, you will prove that you have all the required skills to perform various tasks connected to Cloud concepts, fundamentals of Cloud security, compliance and trust, privacy, Azure pricing and support, and core Azure services. The badge that you get will guide you to the world of IT development. But to gain this knowledge and skills, you need to pass Microsoft AZ-900.

In this article, we will explore the details of the exam objectives that you need to explore. But before this, we need to get acquainted with the test itself by knowing its peculiar features. So, let’s dive into them!

Microsoft AZ-900: potential candidates

Also known as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, the AZ-900 certification exam is intended for those individuals who want to prove foundational knowledge of Cloud services and how these services are usually provided with Microsoft Azure . The test is also designed for the students with a non-technical backgroundsuch as those who are involved in purchasing or selling Cloud-based services and solutions or have some level of involvement with them.

 You can take it as a precursor to the Microsoft Azure exams or Microsoft Cloud services. The candidates for this test are those people with a technical background who want to demonstrate their knowledge in this sphere. While technical experience is not a requirement for taking Microsoft AZ-900, some general knowledge may be very helpful.

Microsoft AZ-900: exam basics

Microsoft AZ-900 is among the most valuable certification exams offered by this vendor. It validates one’sknowledge of a wide range of concepts.The test takers need to know that this exam, like others from the Fundamentals level, should be finished in 60 minutes after the start.

If you are planning to seat in a testing center, you will have additional 30 minutes to sign all the required documents. There will be about 50-60 questions of various formats possible during this Microsoft exam.

Microsoft AZ-900: exam objectives

Microsoft AZ-900 covers a wide range of objectives. They are grouped into different categories and come with subtopics that you are required to ace. Let’s discover them in more detail.

  • Understand CloudConcepts – 15-20%

For this subject, you need to study in orderto gainthe relevant knowledge of Cloud concepts. Thus, you need to be able to describe the considerations and benefits of using Cloud services. Especially, you need to have an understanding of various terms, such as Elasticity, Scalability, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Fault Tolerance, and Agility.

You also need to understand the economies of scale’s principles and the difference between Operational Expenditure (OpEx) and Capital Expenditure (CapEx). The main subtopic that you need to cover is the description and comparison of differences between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Contrast these three service types to understand their features.And the last one in this part is your knowledge ofthe differences between hybrid, private, and public Cloud models.

  • Understand Core Azure Services – 30-35%

This is the second main topic to ace. First of all, you need to understand basic Azure architectural components, including Regions, Resource Groups, Zones of Availability, Azure Resource Manager, together with the usage and benefits of core Azure architectural components.

Then, you need to be able to describe some of the main products available in Azure for Computing, Networking, Storage, and Databases. The applicants should know about Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Virtual Machine, App Service and Functions, ACI, and other products available for computing. Also, they have to gain the relevant skills to work with Load Balancer, Virtual Network, VPN Gateway, Content Delivery Network, and Application Gateway.

The ones available for Storage are Disk Storage, File Storage, Archive Storage, and Blob Storage. It is recommended that you know about them. Moreover, please consider learning about usage scenarios of Azure Marketplace. The products that are available for Databases are as follows: Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Database Migration Service, CosmosDB,Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

The next block is one’s knowledge of solutions available on Azure. They include Big Data and Analytics(HDInsight, Azure Databricks, and SQL Data Warehouse);IoT (Internet of Things), as well as the products that are available for it on Azure (IoT Hub, IoT Fundamentals, and IoT Central); the Artificial Intelligence products available for it, including Azure Machine Learning Service.

Also, get to know with DevOps solutions along with Azure DevTest Labs and Azure DevOps.Moreover, you need to have knowledge ofAzure management tools. This includesAzure PowerShell, Cloud Shell, Azure Portal,Azure CLI, and Azure Advisor.

As you can see, this whole objectivecovers the highest percentage and the biggest amount of topics, so consider to pay more attention to it.

  • Understand Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Trust – 25-30%

This part of the exam topics will test your understanding of how to secure network connectivity in Azure and how to effectively provide identities to services.Its subtopics include ASG, NSG, Azure Firewall, UDR, and Azure DDoS Protection. Also, learn the difference betweenauthorizationandauthentication.

The description of core Azure Identity services, features of Azure, security tools, Azure governance methodologies, and understanding of reporting and monitoring options in Azure are also important knowledge to get.

  • Understand Azure Support and Pricing – 25-30%

This objective covers the management and planning of costs, Azure subscriptions, available support options with Azure, SLAS (Azure Service Level Agreements), and Azure service life cycle.

Microsoft AZ-900: exam pricing and registration

Just like most Microsoft certification exams, Microsoft AZ-900 costs $99. For the students outside the USA, the price may vary depending on the government tax policy.This test is provided through Pearson VUE. You can visit the Microsoftwebpage and find out more about registration. Also, check which options are available for you. You can choose to take theexam at the nearest Pearson VUE center or at home.

Microsoft AZ-900: study materials

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is not new and it has been around for some time. So, there is a lot of information available about it, and the relevant study materials are all over the Internet. To be sure that you are using valid, updated, and verified prep resources, get them from a credible platform such as Prepaway. It can offer its learners study guides, video tutorials, braindumps, practice tests, blog articles, and so on.


Now you know what Microsoft AZ-900 is and which topics you need to master in order to get the certification you want. It is from theFundamentals level, so you can aim for the higher certificates after earning this one. All in your hands!

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