Jamberry Share Best Sellers Nail Wrap Trends For 2019

Nail Wrap Trends

Traditional home-based manicure comes with many hassles ranging from carefully applying nail polish to waiting for a long time for the nail polish to dry. However, nail wraps have proven to be perfect nail art alternatives which require minimal application time and zero dry time.

Nail wraps come in various designs, and you can effortlessly purchase them from online stores. Jamberry is the most popular nail wraps brand and provides more than 300 models. Jamberry nail wraps last four weeks on the toes and two weeks on the nails.

Each regular sheet you receive from the brand consist of 18 nail wraps. Moreover, you get to enjoy free products with Jamberry coupons. Thus said, let’s take a look at the best nail wrap trends for 2019.


Top 6 Best Sellers Nail Wrap Trends

Nail Wrap Trends

1. Under The Sun

Made of acrylates, “Under The Sun” wrap derives its inspiration from the scorching desert sun and some mixture of a youthful, carefree spirit. The wrap sheet comes with alternating wrap design. i.e., nine wraps per design. The first set features a scorching sun red ombre while the rest features wavy blue and red lines. At only $15, you are sure to acquire a classic nail art with Jamberry’s “Under the Sun” nail wraps.

2. Big Debut

Jamberry fails not when it comes to designing captivating nail wraps. One such design is the “Big Debut.” The enhancements have a gemstone geometric design combined with perfect, vibrant shades of magenta and violet. Unlike the “Under The Sun” set, the “Big Debut” set allows you to make a memorable debut in nail art with 18 similar wraps.

3. Legendary

The “Legendary” design draws its inspiration from fauna. Augment your carefree spirit with nail wraps enriched with a snakeskin-scale-like print. You are sure to embark on a legendary manicure journey with the meticulous rainbow hues imprinted on the “Legendary” nail wraps.

4. Solar Rush

The glowing appearance of the “Solar Rush” will leave you dumb-founded. It features the perfect appearance of a desert landscape outlined against a clear blue sky. The shimmering copper accents a violet background. You would be proud to show your friends nails encased with the “Solar Rush” nail wraps.

5. It’s Vintage

If you are looking forward to adding a unique and feminine touch to your nails, consider the “Vintage” wraps. Similar to the “Under The Sun” wraps, the “Vintage” design comes in two styles, all included in one sheet. One set features a floral design that derives inspiration from wildflowers. The second set incorporates stripes with colors similar to the floral design’s shades.

6. Supernova Girl

No nail art beats the way “Supernova Girl” imitates a clear, starry night over an Australian desert. Furthermore, the wrap features a captivating pink and blue cosmic scenery. Moreover, Jamberry rewards you with one free sheet for every three sheets you purchase from their online store.


Solar Nails

Nail wraps save you from the hassles of applying nail polish. Besides, the enhancement nails are incredibly simple to apply and require no dry time. With the right pressure and heat, the wraps adhere to your nails contributing to a durable and eye-catching look.

Some of the best-selling nail wraps include the Supernova Girl, Solar Rush, and Big Debut among others highlighted above.

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