Onion Shampoo: What is it and How to Use it for Faster Hair Growth?

Onion Shampoo

Hair fall is a common issue, and those who have it know how overwhelming it could be. Thanks to a ton of ingredients in the kitchen that can be backed upon for improving hair health.

Onion is one such nourishing ingredient that promises healthy hair growth. If you want a long and lustrous mane, best shampoo for hair fall is all you need in your hair care regimen.

In the old days, our grannies would extract onion juice and apply it to the scalp for healthy hair. No wonder how they had long, thick black hair that touched the floor. So, it is certain that onions promote hair growth by accelerating new hair cells.

Today, we commonly see that pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, and some unknown factors wreak havoc on hair health.

There could also be genetic, hormonal, or chemical reasons behind the intense hair fall. And with all that, hair loses strength and looks lifeless and unmanageable. What's worse is that hair fall does not come alone.

Gray hair, split ends, frizzy hair, dandruff, etc., also affects hair growth. Since everyone wants to go all organic or natural, using an onion shampoo is the best solution to address hair fall.

Studies have shown that onion is rich in minerals that help hair regrowth when used consistently. In addition, it is rich in sulfur, a component of plant keratin required for stronger hair.

So even though the smell of raw onion may not be quite pleasant, the deal is to use onion enriched shampoo for maximum benefits on your hair.

Here are some legit reasons to add onion shampoo to your beauty care regimen.

1. Reverses gray hair

Onion enriched products are good if you want to target gray hair in the first place. This is because onion has a "catalase" component that addresses premature gray. 

When used regularly, you will surely love the benefits it comes up with. Similarly, if you want to deal with signs of premature aging on the skin, retinol face serum is the best solution.

2. Calms itchy and dry scalp

Onion is highly beneficial if you want to soothe irritation on the scalp. The onion shampoo and conditioner work wonders on dry hair types as it hydrates and moisturizes the scalp deeply. In addition, it is a cooling agent for your scalp.

3. Gets your shiny hair

The components of onion have plant keratin which replenishes lifeless hair and repairs its structure. Plant keratin nourishes hair cuticles and fills in damaged areas in the hair shaft, bringing shine to your hair.

4. Adds Volume to the hair

Onion is also helpful in boosting blood circulation to the scalp, which helps generate new hair cells, ultimately increasing the thickness of hair. Its prolonged and consistent use also adds bounce to the hair and enhances its volume.

5. Fights Dandruff

The antibacterial properties of onion also target dandruff and prevent any unexpected infections on the scalp. It also cools down the scalp cells and relieves them of inflammation and soreness.

6. Restores lost nutrients

Sulfur is required to produce enzymes and proteins in the body. It is also available in keratin. As onion is rich in sulfur, it nourishes the hair follicles and allows new hair growth. Besides, it also prevents hair fall and strengthens hair due to the ingredients it is enriched with.

7. Treats Alopecia

Alopecia is a medical term used to denote intense hair loss in patches. Many studies have been conducted to comprehend the health benefits of onion and a rundown show that onion helps treat alopecia.

Which is the Best Onion Shampoo?

The market is flooded with too many options, and it's hard to find what is good for your hair. In addition, chemically-laden products can be nasty on your hair. So, we recommend looking over the ingredients list before you buy one for your hair.

Hair fall is an overwhelming experience, and you would not want to go wrong about the hair products while going through all this. So, we suggest using a dermatologically tested formula for hair nourishment.

With up to eight times detangling effects and four times intense conditioning, Mamaearth’s Onion Shampoo for Hair Fall and Premature Gray Hair helps you have the best hair care experience.

Try it for once, and you will be amazed by the results. Mamaearth Onion Hair Shampoo thickens hair and strengthens the roots with the Goodness of Natural ingredients.

Note: You can also try the Mamaearth skincare range, including Retinol Face Serum, Vitamin C Creams, and Ubtan Face Cleansers for skin brightening and reversing signs of aging on the skin.

Let's talk about the ingredients righteously used in this shampoo range.

Onion: By enforcing blood supply to the hair, onion also helps with collagen synthesis. Collagen provides structure to the hair. So, in a way, onion shampoo contributes to hair repairing and restructuring. Therefore, it is highly recommended for hair growth and subsiding hair fall.

Wheat Amino Acids: If you wonder what this ingredient has to do with hair, let us share some potent benefits of wheat amino acids for hair. Experts suggest that wheat amino acids restore hair elasticity and tensile strength. In addition, it decreases the hair's porosity and provides firmness and thickness to the hair.

Plant Keratin: This health-giving ingredient for hair improves hair strength and elasticity. You will find your hair easier to style as plant keratin keeps frizz at bay and adds to hair shine and health.

Soy Amino Acids: It helps retain moisture in the lock and improves health. This potent ingredient has a relevant role in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. In addition, we love Mamaearth skin and hair care range because they are free from any harsh chemicals or toxins, so there is no chance of hair damage.

Onion Shampoo

Step-by-Step Guide On Using Mamaearth Onion Hair Shampoo

  1. Take out a coin size amount of onion shampoo in your hands. Use your fingertips to massage it on your damp hair and scalp.
  2. Smear a thick lather, gently foaming lather.
  3. Let it stay on your scalp for a minute or two.
  4. Rinse off.
  5. Thoroughly wash your hair with water and towel dry.
  6. Use two-three drops of hair serum to manage dull and dry hair.

Use Mamaearth Onion Conditioner on hair strands for the best results, massaging gently. The conditioner works best when it is allowed to stay for 3 to 4 minutes. Also, conditioners are meant to be used on strands and not on the scalp.

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