Why Organic Mascara Is The Best Choice For You

Organic Mascara

Think about your eyelashes as the frames around your eyes. You can have the most spectacular picture, but the perfect frame accentuates its beauty.

The lash and brow industry has become the talk of the town over the past few years and while some love the look of eyelash extensions, they have the potential to wreak havoc on our lashes, taking years to recover the beautiful look and feel of our own pair.

Needless to say for this reason and others, many women would prefer to embark on the journey towards gorgeous natural ones!

It doesn’t take much to look and feel our best, and with a touch of mascara many of us feel set to take on the world. If you find yourself ready to have a fabulash day, it’s time to test out a new tried-and-true makeup trend that’s here to stay: organic mascara.

Research is starting to unveil the potential cancer-causing agents found in many traditional beauty products to the disdain of big-name brands.

Now, many companies, like Endlessly Beautiful, are coming to the rescue with effective alternatives that revamp an outdated industry that needed a total switch-up.

Organic makeup products make consumers feel good about their choices, boasting nutrient-rich products that mix harsh chemicals and man-made aromas with alternatives that are gentle even for the most sensitive skin.

Most women wear makeup everyday and from the office, picking our little ones up from daycare or even those late nights on the dance floor, we want to make sure that the products we use day-in-and-day-out aren’t harmful for our face.

Extensions? Let’s Talk Pros and Cons

While we cannot totally deny the gorgeous look of those falsies, they can also leave you with long-lasting, detrimental effects. We all want to achieve that effortless, beautiful look as soon as we wake up, but are extensions truly the solution?

We have seen plenty of research that supports our point - but we would like you to make up your own mind. So let’s take the leap, diving into the pros and cons of the lash industry.

BREAKING DOWN THE PROSEyelash extensions are a long-lasting solution that keep you looking fresh for six weeks to two months, depending on how long it takes your lashes to grow long and luscious.

This solution takes time away from your daily makeup routine, letting you rise up and out of the house in a jif, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Not to mention, this treatment feels a little luxurious.

It isn’t everyday that we get to bask in those relaxing moments of the lash fill.BREAKING DOWN THE CONS

We’re not going to lie - there are a few health repercussions if and when you decide to rock extensions. To start, eye infections are common! This is a sensitive place for many of us on our bodies and it’s common for bacteria to collect under the lash glue or on the false lash itself.

Many women who have used false lashes have experienced allergic reactions, especially since many lashes and their glues contain formaldehyde, a colorless, odorless gas shown to cause cancer in laboratory test animals.

Not to mention, falsies often temporarily damage lashes, sometimes even leading to permanent eyelash loss.

Our lashes are precious commodities and we need to preserve them! If these facts are not enough to avoid getting a fill, wait until we talk about the benefits of going au naturel. 

The Benefits of Organic Mascara

Don’t fret - you can still accomplish that lengthy, curled look with that total ‘wow’ factor with the right organic mascara.

The organic beauty industry puts a lot of time, effort and research into the development of their products so you don’t feel the necessity to pursue the synthetic route.

Natural ingredients will let the beauty that you’re given shine - without any additives that add extra oomph boosted by chemicals.

While conventional beauty products and false lashes might work well and look great from the get go, their lasting effects are evident.

Organic mascara is the best choice for women looking for an all-natural, non-toxic nourishing solution that leaves lashes growing long and beautiful throughout their lives.

Why You’ll Love Natural Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful

In 2014, Endlessly Beautiful recognized a gap in the market where all-natural, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic makeup that was never tested on animals belonged.

As a new mom, our founder Jennifer was looking to implement organic ingredients into her beauty routine, but could not find that perfect product that met all of her needs.

After all, now being in charge of a little human, she realized the increasing importance of considering health and safety in every decision she made.

So, she decided to jump into the industry herself in a family-run business that puts customers first, creating an organic and vegan mascara that women can rave about.

Since its conception, many customers who have switched to Endlessly Beautiful’s voluminous mascara have actually recounted horrific stories of losing countless eyelashes or never being able to use mascara due to their sensitivities before they switched to our formula.

We’ve worked hard to perfect our mix of 100% natural and 85% organic ingredients and now have developed a cult following who choose our product, over and over again.

And it’s chock full of nourishing ingredients like Chamomile, VItamin E, Oregano, Thyme, Coffee Powder, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Grapefruit that keep giving back.

We have even taken extra care when it comes to our packaging, ensuring that we are using less plastic than our competitors without sacrificing on the amount of product you receive.

Even though it looks like less product, it isn’t! Not to mention if you’re looking for the perfect vegan gift for your bestie, mama or any special lady in your life, this fits the bill!

If you’re interested in adding a new mascara into your beauty routine that makes you feel good inside and out, Endlessly Beautiful is now available on Amazon.

And with a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee, you can be sure the product fits your lifestyle, too. We can’t wait to hear how much you love it.

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