Dress To Impress: Tips For Buying The Perfect Dress For Your Body

Perfect Dress For Your Body

"Perfect Dress For Your Body". All women are created equal. Well, that’s not true, at least not when it comes to body type. Women have a wide variety of body shapes and sizes which makes buying the perfect dress arduous. Trying to lose weight to fit a dress is an option but not necessary.

You need to pay attention to your every curve to see which body type you fall under. This is when you need to be very honest and accepting. Remember, there’s no “perfect” or “standard” body type.

Whether you’re plus size or an extra small size, places like The Volte Dress Hire always has a dress that’ll look great on you. You’ll just have to know your body type to get that perfect dress.

The different body types are:

Apple - an apple-shaped body is having bigger measurements on top. It’s accompanied by broad shoulders, full bust, and wide torso. Arms, legs, and hips, may be thinner or smaller for apple-shaped bodies and weight tends to be heavier in the waist.

Pear - a pear-shaped body or sometimes called a “triangle” is quite the opposite of the apple. Women with a pear body shape have a hip size larger than the bust. They have proportionately slim arms, shoulders and an elegant neck. The biggest measurement is on the hips.

Hourglass - is perceived to be the most traditional female body shape in the fashion industry. It’s when the bust is proportionate to the size of the hips and have a smaller waist. Compared to the other body types, hourglass type body is easier to dress up.

Straight - or sometimes called rectangle is the most common. Almost half of the women in America have a straight body shape. It's when the hips, waist, and bust have nearly the same sizes. The waist isn’t very defined. Body fats tend to be distributed well on all the body parts and not just on the waist.

​When buying a dress, you must:


​1. Identify Your Body Type

You need to determine which of the body types best describes you. To do this, you have to:


Use a tape measure to get your numbers. Mostly, you need to get your bust, waist and hip measurements. You may need to get your thigh measurement too if you’ll be wearing a tight-fitting dress or pants.

Yes, you’ll have to measure that extra belly fat so don’t try to hide it by holding your breath. You can’t hold your breath the entire time you’re wearing the dress, can you?


Since there’s many body types, you’ll be able to determine yours by looking at your measurements. Depending on your numbers you’ll be able to see if you’re the apple, pear, hourglass or straight body.

Look in the mirror

You should also be able to see your body shape by merely looking in a full-body mirror. You’ll quickly identify your body shape by checking which of your body parts is heavier or broader. Is it the hips, waist or bust?

Perfect Dress For Your Body

​2. Choose A Dress That Compliments Your Body Type

Dress for the apple body type

If you’re apple-shaped, you need to direct the attention away from your waist and elongate the appearance of your upper body.

  • Avoid using belts around your middle section. Instead, use the ones that can hang low on your hips. That’ll keep the eyes away from your waist and into the hips creating an illusion of longer torso.Pay attention to your neck. Wear V-necks to make your neck appear longer.
  • If you have a large waistline, try wearing something that accentuates the shoulders to make everything else below appear smaller. However, adding extra bulk like paddings won’t work for this.
  • Try wearing a dress that has many details on the shoulder section than the middle area, or wear a nice jacket that ends just below the waist. This should emphasise your upper body and draw attention away from the waist.
  • Choose flared pants and not straight or skinny to balance the shoulder accents.

Dress for the pear body type

Pear-shaped women with thick hips and thighs, should choose a two-piece dress to divide attention from the upper and lower body.

  • Choose a skirt that isn’t shorter than an inch or two above the knee. A short skirt will look like a tutu because of the wide hips.
  • Add width to your top by wearing horizontal stripes. This creates an illusion of a broader shoulder and bust size.
  • Add bold and bright colours on the top part to keep attention only to the top and not the hips.
  • Adding shoulder accents should also help balance the top to your hips.
  • Wear dark colours on the lower half of your body.

Dress for the straight body type

With the lack of curves on this body type, the aim is to wear a dress that will create curves and divide your body into three parts - the bust, waist and hips.

  • You can accentuate your waist and make it look smaller than the hips and bust by using a dark-coloured belt on your dress.
  • Go for ruffles and frills to add volume and curves to your figure. Choose a dress that has ruffles on the bust area and a layered skirt. This will pinch the waist area and look slimmer.
  • Since having a straight figure is more of a boyish look, try avoiding men’s clothing like baggy jeans and t-shirts. Instead, look for dresses that will add femininity, curves, and bust size.
  • A rectangular body type benefits from shaping undergarments like a push-up bra with additional cup size or pants with extra paddings to enhance your bottom and balance out your straight figure.

Dress for the hourglass body type

You already have the right curves so avoid wearing something that won’t accentuate them. Finding a dress for you should be easy.

  • Avoid clothes that will make you look rectangular instead of curvy. Your waist is the focal point when dressing.
  • Wear a dress that has a snug and tight fit in the waist section. This will make your curves stand out more.
  • Keep the attention to your waist by using belts and wearing dresses that pinch at the midsection.
  • Go for V-neck dresses and tops. V-necks are quite flattering and look best with hourglass body shape. A little show of cleavage could enhance the entire look.

With these tips in mind, you should no longer sweat it out when trying to look for a dress. You don’t need to fit every dress you see and wonder if you look good in them. You now have the knowledge on which ones will bring out your best features so you can just have one look at a dress and know if it’s for you or not.

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