Is it possible to have BBL and Tummy Tuck together?

BBL and Tummy Tuck

A person’s genetic make-up can greatly influence the contour of their body. External factors such as age and lifestyle habits, however, affect the body’s appearance, causing it to become less aesthetically pleasing. Because of this, many have developed diet and exercise habits in order to restore the body’s natural form.

“To further refine the outcome of their healthy lifestyle, most of my patients choose to combine body contouring procedures,” says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kendall Roehl. Tummy tuck and the Brazilian Butt Lift are two popular cosmetic surgeries that patients sometimes opt to mix to improve their bodies.”


Combining Brazilian Butt Lift with Tummy Tuck, is it practical?

On their own, tummy tuck and the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) provide satisfying results, even more so when these techniques are combined in one operation. Not only does this combination allow patients to achieve their goals, but it also enables them to attain the optimal shape and proportion of their bodies.

That said, many of you may be wondering: Is it possible to combine both procedures in one whole operation?

While it is not an ideal combination, plastic surgeons can perform both procedures in tandem, provided that the patient is in optimal health.

Risks in Undergoing Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift at One Time

​To plastic surgeons, patients must consider the following risks when combining both procedures in one operation:

  • One method can compromise the result of the other. Because BBL and tummy tuck have different target areas of treatment, having both procedures may be conflicting. Brazilian Butt Lift requires patients to lie in a prone or face-down position to allow the grafted fat in the buttocks to settle. Tummy tuck, meanwhile, needs patients to rest in a face-up position to enable proper healing of the incisions in the abdominal area.
  • Recovery period becomes lengthy. It would be advantageous to have both procedures at one time as there will only be one recovery period. But since a patient will be recovering from two major surgeries, recuperation could take longer than the usual two weeks to six months. Likewise, it will be more painful and uncomfortable as well.
  • ​The risk for complications increases. Plastic surgeons are wary about combining procedures, as individual ones have their risks and possible complications. When surgical techniques are performed successively, the risk for complications increases. It could result in impairing the outcome and may cost the patient more because of corrective surgeries in the future.

​Staging Procedures: Another Alternative

​Another option recommend by Dr. Roehl is staging the procedures to achieve the best possible outcome. This often begins with a Brazilian Butt Lift, which is performed with liposuction to first harvest fat. It is the ideal combination to start with since it allows more fats to settle in the buttocks for a better butt shape.

​Once the newly grafted fats have established a new blood supply after six to eight months, you can follow up and undergo a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tighten loose muscles in the midsection.

​The important thing is to allow ample time for recovery to attain the best results of each procedure.

​Understanding What Each Procedure Entails

​​“In having multiple procedures in one session, patients must recognize what is required by each cosmetic technique, including its post-operative recuperation,” Dr. Roehl advises. “Board-certified plastic surgeons can really do wonders by making patients understand what these procedures entail. This will go a very long way when deciding what the best course of action is in order to reach the desired results.”

​In the end, it is not about undergoing more procedures to make the enhancement worth it. It is about the satisfying outcome that is safely executed by the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

​​“As plastic surgeons, our job is to bring out the beauty hidden beneath the skin,” shares Dr. Roehl. “But more than anything, our job is to ensure the safety of our patients. Above all, their well-being will always be our number one priority.”

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