How To Prepare Your Hair For A Hot Date – The Ultimate Guide

Prepare Your Hair for a Hot Date

Hot dates are something to look forward to, but it can be stressful if your hair refuses to co-operate. Most people are not lucky enough to have a celebrity hairdresser on standby, ready to tease their hair into an artfully natural look.

Movie stars appear in public looking picture perfect, but if you need some help, follow these tips for maximum success.

Get Enough Rest

We get it, you’re excited, but make sure to get enough sleep especially on days before your date night so you get that glow. Your hair will thank you as well, as stress can make your hair look dull and unhealthy.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

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Pamper your hair a few days or a week before your date night. Apply a hair mask that nourishes and moisturizes your hair.

Whatever the state of your hair, there is no doubt that it will benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. Adding a squirt of conditioner in the shower is not going to be good enough. If you want your hair to look in fabulous condition, you need to treat it like royalty.

One way to do this is to soak it in olive oil, wrap your head in some plastic wrap, and sit for a few hours as the oil seeps into each parched hair shaft. Do this the night before your date.

You can even sleep in your hair oil heat pack, but make sure you wear a plastic shower cap to protect your pillowcases from the oil. Olive oil is a relatively cheap conditioning treatment, but coconut oil is equally effective, and your hair will smell delicious.

Wash and Style

Washing your hair on the day of the date is risky. A lot of women find that their hair goes a bit crazy after it’s washed and is hard to handle.

If you can, wash your hair the day before. Rinse your hair in the shower with lukewarm water. Add some good quality conditioner and comb it through, making sure that it coats every inch of your hair.

Dry your hair naturally if possible, as this will prevent too much damage. If you don’t have time to airdry your hair, use a hairdryer but make sure you protect your hair using a heat protector product spray.

Bouncy Curls

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The best way to achieve glorious bouncy curls is to put heated rollers in your hair a couple of hours before the date. Big rollers will give you plenty of body and some gorgeous curls.

Leave your rollers in while you do your makeup and select a sexy outfit. You can take them out just before you are ready to leave. Comb through your hair, loosen up the curls, and fix them with a spritz of hairspray.

Shiny, Sleek Hair

Long sleek, shiny hair looks equally fabulous. To achieve this look without too much pain, use a flat iron and heat protector spray. Separate your hair into sections using hair pins and straighten each section individually.

Be careful not to overheat your hair, as you don’t want scorched locks. You can also use a flat iron to create pin curls. If you are not sure how to do this, watch an instructional YouTube video.

Style your hair to suit your outfit. A loose up-do is casual and dressy, or for a low-key date, leave your hair down.

Have fun!

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