How Can Proper Sleep Give You A Natural Glow?

Natural Glow

People do a lot of things to make their skin look great. If you check most bathroom counters, you'll see a clutter of beauty products, ranging from face oil to serums, or the most recent exfoliators. However, what if I told you that the biggest secret to glowing skin is merely taking a nap? In any case, the body doesn't stop working, more so when we sleep.

Sleep is something crucial for the proper functioning of all body systems. Lack of sleep leads to the release of cortisol, a known stress hormone. The hormone encourages skin inflammation, leading to severe skin complications like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. 

Experts recommend approximately eight hours of sleep for adults. Sleeping for fewer hours play a crucial role in the development of dark circles, sagging skin, and wrinkles. All these complications happen because, during sleep, the human body distributes fluid to tissues that require replenishing. It also helps the body to eliminate excess fluids. 

Cutting short this process is one of the reasons why sleep-deprived individuals have pockets of fluid under their eyes. Proper sleep also reduces stress hormones and inflammation levels, thus guaranteeing a natural glow. 


The Correlation Between Sleep and A Natural Glow

Does proper sleep provide a natural glow? Absolutely yes. The time spent as you sleep is used in the repair and restoration of body tissues. That’s precisely why it’s advisable to get the best coupon de​​al on a mattress. The process ensures optimal vitality of the cellular membranes. Besides promoting skin health, sleep is also beneficial to the heart and mind. 

Do you still need more convincing? Read on to find more reasons how proper sleep will give you a natural glow.

1. Helps Sta​​​ve Off Wrinkles

Sleeping helps the body to produce growth hormones. The hormones help the body in many ways, especially collagen-producing cells. Collagen is essential in preventing the development of wrinkles and filling out of the skin. The produced growth hormones ensure maximum production of collagen that keeps the skin tight and very elastic.

It also allows the skin to repair scars and acne on the body. Collagen plays a vital role in improving the quality of the nails and hair by making them shinier and stronger. Lastly, collagen leads to an even skin tone, thus preventing peeking of the veins. Sleeping for fewer hours at night gives you several fine lines. It also leads to drier skin, thus making the fine lines visible. 

There are also deepest stages of sleep that lead to the production of growth hormones that aids in tissues and cells repair. Every time you fall asleep, more collagen is produced. The collagen proteins keep the skin elastic and stronger. There is also re-hydration of the skin during sleep. The re-hydration makes the wrinkles and fine lines to be less visible, thus giving the skin a healthy glow.

2. Slows Down the Ageing Process 

The skin repairs itself when you sleep. The production of collagen during sleep prevents people from aging and maintains a natural glow. Lack of enough sleep will automatically lead to increased wrinkles, thus causing a quick aging process. 

The fibrous collagen protein is what gives the skin its structure. It helps in the growth of the skin cells. The fibrous proteins also help to get rid of the dead cells. The skin is well held together because of collagen. 

Also, during sleep, the collagen together with elastin and hyaluronic acid, are produced. The two molecules lead to the skin's elasticity, translucency, and plumpness. Having a firm and plump skin helps in preventing premature aging like sagging and wrinkles. Ample rest is the fountain of youth, and that is the best benefit of sleep to the skin.

3. You'll Reduce Puffy Under-Eyes

Having enough sleep increases the flow of blood around the facial area. The body is always in a resting position. It uses that time to pump oxygen to the skin to eliminate all the pollutants together with the free radicals that have accumulated from the skin. The process helps in repairing of damages and restoration of a person's complexion. In the end, one gets a radiant and a very colorful natural glow.

Having enough sleep enhances the blood flow to the top skin, especially the face. The flow of blood to the face helps reduce the puffy appearance under the eyes. On the other hand, poor circulation of blood leads to pooling around the eyes.

The pooling under pale skin can lead to dark cycles under the eyes, just like dehydration. Drinking adequate amount of water and getting enough sleep lightens and smoothens those under-eye circles. It makes you look awake and bright-eyed.

Sleeping also helps the body in rebalancing hydration. During sleep, there is the processing of excess water in the body that is removed, helping the skin to recover its moisture. Inadequate sleep leads to reduced water balance in the body, thus puffy bags under-eye circles, visible wrinkles, and skin dryness.

4. Prevent Dull and Dry Skin

Failing to get adequate sleep increases the level of cortisol, and cortisol is what triggers inflammation. Inflammation destroys the skin proteins; the proteins are what keep the skin smooth and radiant. Missing sleep leads to tiredness. 

In connection to that, being tired hinders the adequate flow of blood in the body, thus inadequate oxygen in the bloodstream. The inadequate oxygen in the blood causes the skin to look blotchy, pigmented and ashy.

Did you know that people usually perspire more during sleep? During sleep, the body recovers and rebalances the extra moistures. Therefore, sleeping is a natural moisturizer that helps remove wrinkles from the skin. 

Having inadequate sleep affects the skin moisture level and lowers the PH level of complexion. A drop in PH level creates skin imbalance. The skin imbalance inhibits the moisture production in the skin leading to drier skin.

5. Beauty Products Work Better While You Sleep

As the skin repairs itself during sleep, it'll also defend itself from free radicals and the sun. The blood flow as you sleep is very consistent and can help the skin to benefit from beauty products. Since blood flows well at night, application of any lotions or creams on the skin at night will be absorbed quickly. The practical use of those lotions in the late-night will give you an excellent natural glow.

More water is lost by the skin at night than the day. Application of moisturizers before bed and drinking of enough water daytime helps the skin to stay hydrated overnight.

6. You Produce Melatonin

Melatonin is a vital hormone that's produced during sleep. The hormone acts as an antioxidant. The hormone can also be applied to the skin to get skin-level health benefits. Melatonin help in fighting fine lines, skin cancer, and dark spots. It does that by protecting the skin from the effects of harmful UV radiation. Melatonin hormone helps in the repair of skin cells, and keeping of skin radiant and flush. 

7. Prevent Water Loss

Skin is the largest among the bigger organs in the human body. It is the organ that protects the body from the external environment. The outer layer of the skin protects the body against loss of water, but when a person doesn't get enough sleep, the skin may not be able to protect the body.

Deprivation of sleep decreases the ability of the skin to prevent water loss from the body. More water will be lost from the body. As such, the excessive loss of water from the skin will lead to skin dryness.

8. A Healthier Weight

People who get enough sleep weigh less compared to those sleep a few hours. This is mainly because having inadequate sleep makes one have cravings for unhealthy foods such as refined carbs. Refined carbs are not suitable for the waistline. Also, junk foods lead to inflammation in the body. Insufficient healthy nutrients in the body make the skin to look old. Therefore, as you maintain body weight, you'll also be keeping healthy skin.

Moreover, inadequate sleep interferes with the regulation of glucose and the metabolic functions of the body. In the end, a person ends up gaining a lot of weight. Also, when tired, more ghrelin hormone is produced by the body. The hormone makes a person hungry and reduces leptin production. Leptin hormone is the hormone that signals satisfaction. Being tired also makes someone to snack more, thus leading to consumption of excess calories in the body. The excess calories aren't good for healthy skin.

9. Avert Immune-Related Skin Problems

Inadequate sleep is known to weaken the body immune system, thus leading to many skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Increased body inflammation has a negative effect on the body's ability to resist diseases. 

People with psoriasis have high chances of suffering from heart attacks. Therefore, good quality of sleep to maintain that natural glow.

10. Your Muscles Recover from the Day

Adequate sleep does not just help with the outward appearance; it helps the body muscles internally. For those working out, building muscles and body tone, sufficient night sleep can help them in achieving their goals. Sound sleep gives the human body a chance to repair torn ligaments and muscles. 

It is same as the use of drops. This happens because the growth hormones, which help in filling out wrinkles, are the same hormones that keep the skin flush. It helps in tackling of worn-out muscles. Good sleep help in muscle rebuilding, allowing a person to be strong and in good shape.


Besides helping you to wake up alert and energized, a well-rested sleep will also make you look prettier. Therefore, as you spend time layering the skin, you shouldn't overlook the significance of sleep. Proper sleep isn't just about a youthful look or natural glow, but it's also about maintaining a healthy mind and body. 

Remember, when we talk about sleep, it's not just the quality that matters, but quality as well. As earlier stated, when sleeping, the body makes collagen which maintains a strong and elastic skin. It also helps to rehydrate the body, thus giving the skin a natural glow. 

By getting proper sleep, you'll look healthier, happier, and beautiful. Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep will help you look radiant and refreshed every day. Be at your beautiful best!

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