Behind the Scenes Look and Review of Facial Hair Removal at Ideal Image

Facial Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures offered by professional aesthetic brands today. It is a safe, painless way to eliminate unwanted hair on your cheeks and chin, in sideburn areas, above the lip, and anywhere, except the scalp.

This article answers questions that many people have about the procedure, including what to expect during treatment through the lens of Laser Hair Removal Specialists who provide this service for both men and women customers.

Ideal Image Reviews: Clients Say Their New Look Is A Real Confidence-Builder And Saves Them Money

Both men and women rave about the boost in confidence they feel when they see the results the treatment delivers. Here is one Ideal Image customer testimonial:

A male client, Corey told Ideal Image he was pleased that removing the hair on the sides of his face got rid of the breakouts that always came after he shaved.

As a bonus, Corey said he “didn't have to buy the creams or expensive razors anymore” to keep his skin smooth and clear. He added that even though he has a dark complexion, the treatment worked well and boosted his confidence when he was out meeting new people.

Why Does Hair Seem To Grow Faster On The Face?

Facial hair doesn't only seem to grow faster than on other parts of the body, it actually does. That's because there are more blood vessels in the face. This increased number of blood vessels allows the hair to grow faster.

What Causes Facial Hair In Women?

Genetics plays a role in which women have excess hair growth on the upper lip and sideburn areas. Hormone fluctuations also increase the likelihood of developing facial hair.

Because hormone fluctuations may continue after laser hair removal, Ideal Image offers a lifetime membership program that allows participants to go to any Ideal Image location in the nation if new hair growth appears after treatments are completed.

How Long Does A Laser Hair Removal Treatment Take?

Laser hair removal treatments are quick. Most people can get in and out on their lunch break and go back to work, with no embarrassing tell-tale signs they've had treatment.

Do Treatments Hurt?

Treatments are not painful. Laser Hair Removal Specialists say their clients experience a slight warming sensation, similar to the way it feels if you pop a rubber band on your wrist.

Ideal Image Hair Removal Specialists have all had hair removal treatments so they can guide you through the process with a real-world understanding of exactly what their clients are experiencing and what they will experience after the treatments are complete.

Among the positive customer testimonials are one from client Shana. She said knowing her specialist's personal experiences calmed her and made the process smooth.

Are Treatments Expensive?

The price of hair removal services varies depending on the area treated and the severity of the excess hair growth. However, client reviews highlight one of the reasons that Ideal Image is the nation's number one personal aesthetics brand: They work with clients to provide payment options that fit their budget and their finances.

When Will You See The Results?

According to Melissa, an Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Specialist, the real magic typically happens between one and three weeks after the treatment. That's when the hair underneath the skin pushes through and falls out. Most people see little or no growth between treatments.

Testimonials comparing having permanent hair removal to typical routines that include waxing, shaving, and bleaching all tout the time and money savings that come with investing in Ideal Image laser hair removal services.

One client said she decided to have her face, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini line done. In her words, she “hasn't shaved in five years and is completely hair-free.” Shireen said that for her, “Ideal Image was the best solution for hair removal.”

She said Ideal Image allowed her to free herself from the hassles of having to take the time to make waxing appointments and eliminated the driving to and from the treatments.

Have these customer testimonials and Ideal Image Reviews piqued your interest? Contact the brand to learn more.

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