Can Seniors Benefit From Sunless Tanning

Seniors Sunless Tanning

Unfortunately, seniors often get excluded from a variety of different things simply because of their age. The seniors of today are taking exception to this. Especially when it comes to their appearance.

They have the right and the ability to take whatever measures they feel necessary to give them a younger, healthier look. This includes the ability to have a beautiful glowing tan if they choose to.

Which means, however, to achieve this, they need to do so in a safe manner. They too have the option of being able to use sunless tanners and can expect to get some great results.


The Florida Look

There are many seniors that are considered to be snowbirds. Meaning that they leave their cold winter environment and head off to the sunny states like Florida. Many when they return home have that tanned look.

Hopefully, they have used all of the precautions necessary to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. In any event, they have a look that is envied by many seniors who have not had this same opportunity. There is a solution, however, and it is a good one. It is the use of the proper sunless tanning products.

Concerns Seniors Have About Using Sunless Products

Most seniors are fully aware that as they have grown older, their skin has changed. Their concern about this as it relates to sunless products include the following:

  • They are concerned that the number of wrinkles they have may not allow for even distribution of the sunless product.
  • Some worry that these products may dry out their skin and make them look aged.
  • Others are concerned that the results will be fake and unnatural looking.
  • Then some seniors may think they are just too old to be wanting to look as good as they could with these products.

Addressing the Concerns

A lot of seniors have more wrinkles than they care to, but they still wear standard makeup that includes a foundation. Using a sunless tanning product is very similar to this.

If the senior is taking efforts to care for their skin with the proper moisturizers then even though there are lines and wrinkles they are hydrating their skin with moisturizers. This allows the sunless products to produce the desired results. This can help to address the concerns about the uneven distribution of the sunless tanning product.

The drying of the skin is another concern as most senior who are appearance conscious take steps to prevent this. These steps will help to protect the skin. There are also sunless tanning products that address this. The ideal solution is to know which products would be the best choices.

In respect to the tan looking unnatural or fake again, it is going to come down to choosing the right sunless tan product. The following are some product examples that can address the specific concerns that some seniors have about using self-tanning products.

Self-Tanning Drops

For those who are concerned about the drying out of their skin then tanning drops are a perfect choice. With this sunless tanning product, a few drops of it are added to the moisturizer that the individual normally uses for their skin.

If they are getting good results from this moisturizer, then they can enhance it with the use of these tan drops to get the tanned look that they desire. It is a subtle approach so this sunless product is addressing two concerns at once. It is addressing the concern of drying out the skin. It is also taking care of a sudden change in skin color looking fake or unnatural.

Facial Tanning Mist

For those who are looking for a self-tanner that is going to bring some additional benefits then Rose Facial Tan Mist from MineTan is what they need. This particular tanning product contains rosewater. Most seniors are very familiar with the benefits of rosewater. Many tend to buy other skincare products that have this ingredient. 

This product addresses several of the concerns that seniors may have with the sunless tan products. First, it contains the additional moisturizer of rosewater. Secondly, it is suited for all skin types. Then the third benefit is it can be used to help preserve your tan. Again the changes taking place are subtle and natural looking.

Just these two quality made products that are sunless tanning options can be perfect choices for the senior who wants to look younger, which tan is capable of doing. Plus have a vibrant look to their skin thanks to the additional moisturizing ingredients.

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