7 Skin Care Mistakes You Have To Avoid At All Costs

Skin Care Mistakes

Skin Care Mistakes You Have To Avoid At All Costs. Skin care is something most people neglect. This is a shame since it is so easy to end up with truly monstrous looking skin without even knowing what you did wrong.

There are people that have incredible skin but most people do have to work hard to get it to truly glow. This is where skin care products step in to lend a huge helping hand.

Unfortunately, many skin care products are not as great as they are advertised. Also, it is so easy to apply them wrong or choose something that is not suitable for your skin. So many things need to be learned about skin care.

This does include being aware of mistakes that people make in their skin care routines. It is quite obvious that you need to avoid the toxic skin care products but what other mistake could you be making without realizing this is the case? Here are some that you absolutely have to avoid.

7 Skin Care Mistakes You Have To Avoid

Skin Care Mistakes

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1. Always Touching The Face

It is so common to see people with blemishes that simply cannot help themselves to touch them. This is a really good idea since when you touch the face, huge problems can appear.

 Harmful bacteria can be put on the face as hands are dirty. Blemishes actually end up being worse. Be sure that you keep hands off the face. At the same time, if you do have blemishes, never pop them. You can end up with your face being scarred, which is never a good thing.

2. Not Using Sunscreen On The Face

Most people know how important SPF is but they only use it when they go to the beach. Creams with SPF protection is just applied to the body. This is a mistake since the face is also skin.

You have to be sure that SPF is applied to the face, even if you walk through the streets during winter. The same thing can be said about your chest and neck. Broad-spectrum sunscreen protection that has SPF that is higher than 30 has to be applied to the face and any skin that is exposed.

3. Too Much Coffee

There are literally millions of people from all around the world that love coffee. This is great since one cup daily is very beneficial. However, when you drink too much coffee every single week, your skin ends up being dehydrated.

The skin needs hydration and water in order to remain healthy. If you often find yourself drinking coffee and you see that your skin is dryer than it used to be, the best thing you can do is to reduce how much you drink.

4. Too Much Exfoliation

If you want to keep your skin healthy, a weekly exfoliation can do wonders. It helps remove dead skin cells and practically makes your skin glow.

However, when you overdo it and you exfoliate every single day, you can be sure that the reverse effects happen. At the same time, it is important to avoid the harsher scrubs as they are going to make your skin vulnerable and irritated.

Those that have oily skin can easily go through more exfoliation routines every single week. But, if your skin is normal or dry, aim to exfoliate a maximum of 2 times per week.

5. Too Much Skin Care Can Be Damaging

Properly taking care of skin is really important but you should never overdo your routine. One of the best things you can do is to keep things as simple as you can. This is what truly helps have a healthier complexion.

One of the really common skin care mistakes is often changing routines. This can easily irritate skin. You want to find a routine that actually works for the skin type you have. Then, you need to stick to it for as long as it actually works.

In this way, you have skin that is happy and balanced. The truth is that you just have to wash the face one time per day. That is all that the skin actually needs. For some people even washing one’s face two times per day can be bad.

6. Too Much Drinking Or Smoking

Similar to coffee consumption, when you smoke or drink too much, you damage your skin without even knowing that you do it. Smoking has numerous negative health effects and it can easily make your skin tone blotchier while more deep wrinkles are developed.

When referring to alcohol, it is not a problem if you drink one alcohol every day. If you drink more, skin will suffer. This is because alcohol can easily increase how many inflammatory agents are present in your blood.

Skin sagging can easily be hastened in the future. Reduce how much you drink and you do wonders for your skin.

7. Being Glued To A Phone

This mistake might come as a huge surprise for you but if you rest your cheek or your chin against the smartphone for long periods of time, it is highly possible that you end up with breakouts.

This is true even in the event that the device is bacteria-free and completely clean. Whenever you know you use the smartphone too much, a great thing you should do is buy a headset. It is really cheap and your skin will thank you for it.

Final Thoughts

Skin care is much more complicated than what most people think but at the same time, it is simpler. What you have to do is avoid the mistakes mentioned above and find a good skin care routine that is really good for you.

What works for someone else is not necessarily the best choice for you. Be sure that you read all that you can about the topic and that you only trust those that actually know what they are talking about.

Damaging your skin normally happens without you even knowing it. One of the best things that you can do is to analyze your daily skin care routine. In the event that you find something that could be damaging your skin, change it or avoid it.

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