Skincare Ingredients Worth the Hype This 2018

When it comes to skincare, hot new products are being released every single day. Staying on top of them is no easy feat, but then again, neither is maintaining youthful, healthy skin. Figuring out the right skincare products to use can take a bit of investigative work, but we’re making it simple for you by narrowing down the best skincare ingredients this year, so you can make an informed choice when picking your next skincare product. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered with the skincare ingredients that you’re absolutely going to want to get your hands on.


1. SPF

By now, you know to include SPF in your morning beauty routine. Whether your face moisturizer comes loaded with SPF, or you use a mineral makeup that helps shield your skin from harmful rays, it’s a matter of course for you now. While this is a great step forward from when we used to lay out in the sun slathered in tanning oils, our bodies are being forgotten. You’re going to see a huge increase in companies offering body care products loaded with SPF, and this is one trend you’re definitely going to want to get behind. From moisturizers to spray-on tanners, SPF for the body is well worth the hype – and the investment.

​2. Collagen

Collagen has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for a few years now, but more and more research is starting to show just how effective it is for the skin, especially when combined with Vitamin C. Collagen is one of the key components for repairing skin, but as we get older we produce less and less of it. Collagen in your skincare can help restore youthful suppleness and smoothness to the skin, and added Vitamin C can actually help synthesize collagen (yay, more collagen!) as well as being a pretty effective antioxidant to protect the skin from free radicals.

​3. Argan Oil

You might shy away from anything oily on your face, but argan oil is where you’re missing out. It’s lightweight so it won’t clog your pores and it’s chock full of Vitamin E, omega fatty acids and linoleic acids for your softest, most radiant skin yet. It can even help with breakouts and dry skin, which makes this miracle oil a winner for all skin types, and it sinks in quickly (because you’ve got places to be!).

​4. BHA and AHA

BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) and AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) are buzzword exfoliants that help gently break the bonds that hold onto dull, dead skin, leading to a subtle shedding process that unveils smoother, younger-looking skin. Sounds pretty good right? While there are slight differences between the two, like the fact that AHA works on the skin’s surface, whereas BHA also works into the pore, both exfoliants deliver you incredible results that scrubs simply can’t achieve. Some people actually combine AHA and BHA exfoliants for incredibly thorough results, but if you have sensitive skin you should definitely stick to one at a time.

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