Style Tips for Looking Great on Camera

Style Tips for Looking Great on Camera 1

Once upon a time, appearances on the screen were reserved for movie stars, news anchors, and TV presenters. These days, however, it is a very different story. As mobile phone technology and internet accessibility continue to improve, being a star on the screen is now an option for everyone. Whether you’re appearing on reality TV or a vlog on a YouTube channel, it’s super important to make sure you look your best. But you don’t need to be a hair and make-up expert to stand out from the crowd and create a great impression. In fact, it’s possible to do it by following some straightforward tips.

There are quick fixes and long-term investments in your appearance, and a mix of the two is a great way to achieve your desired look. Maintaining healthy eating for healthy skin, regular exercise and a good skincare regime will work wonders in making you glow on camera, but it is also possible to get the polished look you need by sticking to a few rules.


​Break it down

​Before getting overwhelmed with worrying about how you are going to look, think about what it takes to look good in the first place. This usually means:

  • A well-considered outfit that flatters but does not distract.
  • Hair styled and set.
  • Makeup on point
  • Bullet Point 2

Now that you have the basics worked out, it’s time to draw up your battle plan. If the goal of your video or tv appearance is to engage your audience so that you can convey a message effectively, your finished look should help you to achieve that, not hold you back. When you are comfortable and confident in how you look, you will be much more engaging and less nervous for the cameras.

So, where do you go next with your on-screen look?


​Before you start picking out your favourite dresses and makeup colours, it’s a good idea to figure out what will be going on around you. Find out which background you will be shooting in front of so that you can work with it, rather than against it. If the background is muted and neutral, you have much more freedom to choose brighter, bolder colours; but if your background is busy and bright, it’s better to stick with a more neutral outfit.

​Choosing colours that contrast with the background will help you to stand out more, which is an essential requirement for appearing on-screen, as screen time can be a huge career changer. By standing out from the crowd, you could launch yourself into the celebrity stratosphere. Stars such as actress Emma Stone and poker champion Liv Boeree both started out with appearances on the small screen and are now megastars in their own right.

Style Tips for Looking Great on Camera 2

With a few tips and tricks, anyone can look great on the screen


​When it comes to choosing outfits, a good rule of thumb is to avoid anything patterned, vintage, pastel, or shiny. While this might seem like a pretty boring rule to follow—especially if you want to stand out—these kinds of outfits can actually be super-distracting for the viewer. Patterned clothing can look blurry or busy, vintage pieces can make you look dated, pastel colours are draining, and shiny outfits are not flattering under bright lights. Avoid wearing logos or slogans, as they are also distracting.

​Stick to simple fabrics with jewelled tones, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red, as these colours are all super-flattering and translate well on camera.


The key to great hair is knowing what suits your face shape and natural hairstyle. Stick to what you know and avoid trying anything new (such as hair dye or haircuts), because if you are uncomfortable with the results, it will show. Whether you have poker straight hair or natural curls, work with your hair rather than against it, as this is the style that will flatter you the most.

For naturally-straight hair, apply a small amount of product, blow dry your hair straight and use straightening irons for a super-sleek finish. Finish with a quick burst of hairspray to give your look extra hold and protection.

If you have natural curls, wash and dry your hair as usual, apply a small amount of product to define curls and add an anti-frizz serum to give the hair a beautiful shine.


The same rules apply for makeup—don’t try anything new with your skin before you go on camera. Eat well, drink plenty of water, moisturise, and get lots of sleep in the lead-up to your screen appearance. Shiny skin can be super-noticeable on screen, so use light diffusing foundations in natural, matte shades. Avoid using shimmer or highlighter, as this does not translate well on camera, and remember to blend, blend, blend!

As with clothing, avoid using dark colours on lips or eyes, as they can appear ageing on-screen, while nude lips will disappear totally. Use a tinted gloss to make your lips stand out and your teeth look whiter.

While appearing on the screen can induce anxiety, putting effort into planning your appearance can help stave off the nerves. And when you look and feel good, you will be much more able to convey your message!

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