Svend Press – Effective Exercise To Target Pectoral Muscles

Svend Press

Some exercises in bodybuilding are used so rarely that they cause most bewilderment among most visitors to the gym. Svend press is a good example for such exercises.

The fact that the athlete has an idea of this movement, distinguishes it from the main mass, and also ensures a quality study of the chest muscles.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the patented movement of the famous bodybuilder and strongman in the past will give excellent results and will bring considerable benefits, but only if properly doing exercises.

In this article, we will consider all the details and features of the bench press, which can significantly accelerate your progression and strength indicators.

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Features and Benefits of Svend Press

You should start with the correct designation of the exercise and its role. Despite some reviews, this movement is not a substitute for bench presses and wiring. It is difficult to call it muscle-forming because Svend press has completely different goals and purposes, namely:

  • Development of power indicators;
  • Improvement of neuromuscular communication and muscle control;
  • Elimination of muscle imbalance in the development of the entire shoulder girdle
  • The ability to "shock" the muscles and eliminate addiction to stress;
  • Overcoming a plateau and stagnation in development in all jerky movements.

In general, the exercise has enough advantages to necessarily include it in your workouts. Moreover, for this exercise special equipment and a lot of time are hardly needed. Nevertheless, this exercise has two disadvantages. 

The main mistake for most athletes is the wrong technique. This exercise is different from many because it is important to focus, focus on muscle tension and slow pace. The second mistake is the incorrect interpretation of the bench. 

This is not a movement for gaining muscle mass, the benefit of Svenda is that exercise allows you to overcome the barrier and increase muscle strength and control. In turn, this will certainly improve both physical fitness and muscle mass.

But volumes will increase more indirectly than directly. If you measure in general, then this exercise is similar to the usual movement from the "female" physical education, which is often recommended for various tightening magazines for tightening and strengthening the pectoral muscles.

 Nevertheless, the famous Norwegian bodybuilder Svend Carlsen brought him to a completely different level, adding to him an exclusively forceful character.

For this exercise, and named after him. According to Svend himself, he owes this press to his impressive pectoral muscles.

It is important to remember which muscles work during the exercise. This will help to eliminate unnecessary muscles from work to focus the load on the main array - the chest. When driving involved:

  • Chest;
  • Triceps;
  • The widest musles of the back;
  • Shoulders (only when standing).

The last group can be turned off by doing a bench press on an inclined or horizontal bench. Many professionals recommend doing so, because the front deltas are already involved in most traction and they do not need additional study.

Proper Form and Technique of Svend Press (Plate Press)

First, consider the classic version, which is done standing up. It is not considered the best due to the fact that deltas take on a considerable load, which stabilize the position of the hands in a horizontal position and while bringing the weight to the chest. 

Pancakes from the bar are used as a projectile (it is inconvenient to press the dumbbells in this position, moreover, they will load the shoulders even more). The execution technique is as follows:

  • Stand straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart. The back is flat, the head is in a natural position.
  • Take two plates folded together (it is best to use small pancakes of 5 kg each, weight is of secondary importance in this exercise) and hold them directly in front of you with outstretched arms (hands should be at chest level). Plates need to be held with a full palm.
  • At a very slow pace, start bringing the pancakes closer to your chest until you touch them lightly.
  • Take a short pause and at the same slow pace, return the weight to the starting position.

Often I advise you to do the exercise by the number of approaches in repetition, but this is not the best option. It is much more correct to do the exercise to failure or on time.

In the Svend technique, which concerns the development of pectoral, progression is not due to weight or an increase in load, but due to the maximum strength that working muscles can show.

Given the fact that the exercise itself develops strength indicators well, this will ensure constant progression. It is enough to occasionally change pancakes to adapt the muscles to new weights and avoid getting used to.

If we talk about the most useful and effective technique, it is better to do a bench press on an inclined or horizontal bench, together with dumbbells. Firstly, it is less traumatic.

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Secondly, this way you exclude the shoulders and the widest (partially) from work, which will also benefit the muscles of the chest.

Otherwise, all the technical nuances remain unchanged: the weight must be slowly brought to the chest, and after a delay to bring it back.

Svend Chest Press: Tips and common mistakes

Finally, it is necessary to note the important nuances, the violation of which will make the exercise ineffective. Compliance with the following rules is mandatory:

  • The main task is not just bringing your hands to your chest. You should squeeze the weight as much as possible in relation to each other, as if you are pulling a ball to your chest that you need to lower by force.
  • Muscle tension should be maintained throughout the entire approach; try to focus on a strong burning sensation in the chest muscles (a required indicator if performed correctly).
  • Do not extend your elbows fully when holding the weight in the starting position.
  • The body must be firmly fixed. Movement is carried out only in the shoulder, elbow and wrist joint.


It is important to remember that the performance of this exercise does not require particularly serious physical preparation and is suitable even for beginners. Moreover, novice athletes can perfectly develop neuromuscular communication with the help of Svend press. 

Weight, in this case, will be only a conditional factor, even security officials rarely go beyond 10 kg pancakes, and this is with impressive preparation.

Beginners are recommended to start with 5 or even 2.5 kg of pancakes. When working with dumbbells, you can take a little more weight.

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