Teeth Whitening Home Kits for Sparkling Teeth

Teeth Whitening Home Kits

Any person with yellow teeth instead of sparkling pearly ones will go through a confidence crisis, regardless of how attractive he/she might be. Not being able to laugh heartily with friends and family or having to keep the mouth shut during a photo-shoot can be a harrowing experience.

Even a decade back, the only solution to this problem was to visit a dentist and go through a teeth whitening process. Not only was this a time taking affair but it was quite expensive too. Few people could afford these treatments and those who couldn’t have to adjust and live with this problem.

Today, the scenario is entirely different. Home teeth whitening products are readily available, and these have been a great help for the ordinary person struggling with yellow and stained teeth.

There are many inherent advantages of these kits. First, the products are reasonably priced in comparison with the cost of a procedure at a dentist’s clinic. Next, results are almost as good as professional treatments. Finally, you can carry out the teeth whitening activity at your home, thereby saving time and money on a visit to the dentist.


Choosing The Right Home Teeth Whitening Products

The first step is to be aware of the ingredients in the product selected by you regardless of whether you buy online or from a supermarket. The right composition will help you reach your teeth whitening goals while the wrong mix can damage your gums and teeth.

Hence, it is essential that you research ingredients in whitening products and buy them after carefully reading the label for the composition.

There are two main ingredients in teeth whitening items. One is hydrogen peroxide, and the other is carbamide peroxide. These chemicals clean out stains very effectively. For best results, they are often matched with other ingredients.

For example, buy teeth whitening gels online from Active Smile, and you will find that apart from carbamide peroxide, they also contain propylene, menthol and carboxymethyl. This combination provides satisfactory and assured teeth whitening results.

There are certain limitations on the peroxide levels that can be safely used in whitening gels. It is 10% for hydrogen peroxide and 35% for carbamide peroxide. Products with peroxide content beyond these levels will lead to a burning and itching sensation in the mouth as well as cause damage to the gums and mucous membrane.

However, products with these outer limits should be used after consulting a dentist and are for extremely stubborn and deep stains only. The usual levels in home teeth whitening products are much lower with the standard being 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Popular Home Teeth Whitening Products

Here are some common teeth whitening kits that you can safely try out from the comfort of your home.

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – Strange as it may sound, this black powder is perfect for removing stains, leading to sparkling white teeth. Charcoal powder is made by burning coconut at very high temperatures. The residue which is then ground to a very fine powder has high detoxifying properties.

A pinch of this powder is to be slightly moistened and applied over the gums and teeth. The toxins present in the form of stains and other patches are absorbed by the charcoal molecules and are disposed of when the remains are spat out from the mouth after brushing.

The results of using activated charcoal powder for teeth are immediately visible after the mouth is thoroughly rinsed. Since only a pinch of this powder is used per application, the standard tub of 30gm lasts for about 100 uses.

Teeth Whitening Home Kits

Teeth Whitening Strips – The strips are made of plastic and have a coating of 6% hydrogen peroxide on them. These have to be wrapped around the teeth and kept for about half an hour. The treatment has to be done daily for about two weeks.

The gel goes below the surface of the teeth and breaks down the stains. Results are noticeable after a fortnight but the extent of whitening may vary from person to person depending on the nature of the stains. Teeth whitening gels are beneficial for those with light discolouration.

Teeth Whitening Gel – A complete kit consists of an LED light, a mouth whitening tray and gel syringes. A layer of gel from a syringe has to be applied to the tray and placed in the mouth after which the LED light has to be turned on. After about 10 minutes a beeper will go off, indicating that one session is over.

For best results, it is recommended that four such sessions be carried out one after another. The gel contains the very effective carbamide peroxide.

Use these teeth whitening products at home and be assured of pearly white teeth that you can be proud of.

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