The Difference of Acetone in Body and Nail Polish Remover: Are They Related?

Acetone in Body and Nail Polish Remover

Do you know there is a component in our bloodstream and nail polish remover? Yes, it is hard to believe, but both contain the ketone body, acetone. You may think it is impossible, but it is an underrated fact about the human body!

Getting to Know about Acetone

Accordingly, acetone is a propanone, a small-scale and straightforward ketone body. It is surprising to know that acetone is found and produced naturally in our bodies, plants, and animals. Meanwhile, it can also be produced in the industries. Basically, acetone is in our environment.

In our body, acetone is a reaction from the ketogenic diet. It is an indicator of how a person has improved their health through the keto diet. There are several benefits of having acetone in our body, yet an excess and uncontrolled value may lead to severe health conditions. 

Meanwhile, in nail polish removers, acetone is a volatile solvent. It is an active organic compound found in nail polish removers, paint thinners, and plastics. The only benefit of using acetone nail polish removers is how effectively it can remove the nail polish. However, it poses several risks to our health.

Now, let us elaborate on the difference between the acetone found inside our body and the one produced externally.

Acetone in Body after Keto Diet

Today, most people are self-conscious. They indulge themselves in dietary changes and exercise to have a healthier and conditioned body. Some chose the ketogenic diet to help them lose weight, or improve their health from complicated illnesses.

Going on a ketogenic diet plan requires low-carbohydrate and high-fat consumption. Your body will react to the drastic decrease in the carbohydrate amount of your body. The nutritional need of the body for carbohydrates are replaced with high-fat diets. Our body compensates for the nutritional shift, the consumed fats will be converted to ketones. 

As a result, the body will be in a metabolic state of ketosis. In this metabolic state, the ketones have become the primary source of energy for the brain and body, instead of glucose. Maintaining the ketosis metabolic state has several benefits. It has known to help individuals with health conditions.

Ketones in the body have a by-product, acetone. The amount of acetone and blood glucose are inversely proportional. People with high glucose levels have lower blood acetone. Thus, people who are in a keto diet have lower glucose giving them higher levels of blood acetone.

Acetone helps those who are in a ketogenic diet to determine whether they have received and maintained the benefits of their dietary plan. There are three methods on how to measure the presence of acetone in our body, through a breath test, blood test, and urine test. The higher the amount of acetone determined, the further you have maintained ketosis. 

Acetone in Nail Polish Removers

The most noticeable part of our hands and feet are the nails. As part of self-care, we want to decorate and protect our nails. Nail polishes have significantly changed the course of manicures and pedicures. Nail polishes are made with plasticizers, nitrocellulose, and color pigments. For the manufacturers to produce a good quality product, the ingredients are mixed well in a nail polish mixer.

Some want to repeatedly enhance the decorative effects of nail polish on their nails. They constantly remove and retouch the nail polishes. Nail polish removers contain a volatile solvent, acetone, that easily dissolves and removes the polish. Acetone is a great help in breaking down the nail varnish. 

However, using nail polish removers with acetone have risks to health. Whenever you use nail polish with acetone, you will have the chance to come in contact or smell the acetone.

When you smell the acetone in nail polish removers, the smell can cause a burning sensation. You will feel it in your eyes, nose, and throat. Do not excessively breathe in acetone, it may cause dizziness, confusion, and worse it can make you unconscious. It would be best to use a face mask when applying acetone nail polish removers.

Moreover, these removes will come in contact with your nails and skin. It may irritate when it contacts your skin making it red. Overexposure of the skin with acetone may result in redness, dry and cracked skin.

There are non-acetone nail polish removers that are a gentler active ingredient. But, if you wish to use chemical-free removers, you can remove the nail polish with the traditional file and drill technique. 


Our body and nail polish removers contain acetone in common. Acetone found in the body after a ketogenic diet and in the external environment is two different things. Acetone that is produced inside the body is normal and safe. Meanwhile, acetones that are produced externally, are volatile solvents that can be harmful to the human body.

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