Things You Should Know Before Getting A Botox

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Botox

People in general, and women in particular, debate over the Botox procedure to enhance their facial features. Some say they'll never have one done. It's too vain and invasive for them. But, for the people that successfully have one done regularly, they swear by it. Having a Botox treatment isn't as bad as you might think. There's just so much misinformation about it.

If you want to allow yourself to age gracefully, a Botox procedure is one of the best ways to do so. As it’s a procedure approved by the proper authorities, you can also guarantee that it's safe.

The key to having a safe and successful procedure is ensuring that you're equipped with all the information to avoid any misconceptions. More so, that an expert dermatologist also does it.

If you've long been contemplating having a Botox treatment, here are some of the factors you need to consider.

Ask About The Source Of Your Injectable

Botox is a minimally invasive procedure. It doesn't take away the fact that there's still a substance placed inside your body. It would help if you didn't take any chances, therefore, about the source of the substance. Else, you could be a candidate for a flopped Botox. A simple search on Google will show you how ugly the effects of a failed procedure can be.

Here are some of the best ways for you to know the source of your injectable:

  • Make sure your dermatologist is an authorized vendor of the injectable you'll be using.
  • Check the manufacturer, to ensure also that it's an approved one.
  • Check that the injectable is new, sealed, and unopened, so you know it's not expired and contaminated.

If there seems to be any red flag, then do take this to heart. Look for another dermatologist instead, with injectables that seem more trustworthy.

Be Aware That Botox Won't Completely Erase Wrinkles

One of the most common misconceptions regarding Botox is that it'll completely erase all of your wrinkles. False. Botox is a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, but it doesn't mean a complete and permanent removal of these imperfections.

For most individuals, Botox is a preventive form of treatment than a restorative one. This means that it works best to have it done before the fine line and wrinkles appear. Because of the presence of the substance, the onset of fine lines and wrinkles can be prevented. The ingredient ‘freezes’ your face, so it doesn't move around too much, which prevents fine lines.

Thus, the age recommendation to have Botox treatment is in the 20s, before wrinkles appear.

Be Aware Of The Certain Precautionary Measures

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Botox

A good dermatologist from should tell you of the proper practice that you should apply before your procedure. When you comply with the right preparation, you're able to work hand-in-hand with your dermatologist to ensure that it goes smoothly and accurately.

One of the most critical precautionary measures for you to apply is to avoid taking alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs at least two weeks before your scheduled treatment.

Other precautionary measures that you should be aware of include:

  • Stop using anticoagulants as these hinder blood clotting, and reduce the risks of bruising.
  • Avoid red wine, fish oil, multivitamins, cinnamon, ginger, and green tea at least a week before your scheduled procedure, as these can increase the fragility of your blood vessels.
  • Have a check of your health, as women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding, and have neurological disorders should also not use Botox as of the time-being.

Search For The Average Prevailing Rate

While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest rates possible, skip the bargains. Remember that Botox is a very serious procedure, so you also have to be very careful about trusting just anyone to do it. A warning sign is if the price is questionably too low.

Here are some of the dangers of going for Botox procedures with rates that are dangerously low:

  • The dosage is diluted so that you won't be getting the desired effects of Botox.
  • The injectable is illegally imported in your country.
  • The dermatologist isn't certified for Botox and other fillers.
  • The injectable is a counterfeit.

With the dangers enumerated above, you're running the risk of having a botched Botox procedure. Always double-check with trusted dermatologists in your area to check their rates. That way, you can have an idea as to what the prevailing rate is.

Botox Isn't A Permanent Treatment

Many individuals who also wish to have a Botox treatment think that it's a permanent treatment. This notion is wrong. Botox is only temporary.

Some of the most common areas for a Botox procedure are the forehead, lateral crow's feet, glabella, or that space between both eyebrows. Procedures done in these areas of the face generally last for around three to four months.

If you wish to have lasting effects of preventing the development of fine lines and wrinkles, you have to get a follow-up after its effectivity.

Patience Is Necessary

You're not going to see freezing effects when you walk out of your dermatologist's clinic. It would be best if you’re patient about it. It takes around three to four days before you'll start to feel and see its effects. You can make this a part of your skincare routine, but don’t expect immediate results.

Go Through A Consultation First

If you want your Botox to be successful, trust a dermatologist that'll give you a full consultation and evaluation of the areas where you wish to have it done. An experienced professional should do this thoroughly, so there's a study of how your face naturally moves. That way, once the Botox is injected, you don't look like a motionless robot.

It's also during this consultation that you should be made aware of potential side effects. These would include headaches and bruises, although they're short-lived.


There's a good reason why Botox has grown in popularity ever since its approval. It's one of the most successful and best ways to age gracefully. Unfortunately, there could be a lot of wrong information circulating on the internet about it.

So, before you go head one with having one done, you must equip yourself with all the proper information. It will give you that added dose of confidence that your Botox procedure won't go wrong. After reading this article, it's time to get your appointment for Botox treatment. So, head out and visit your trusted dermatologist.

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