6 Tips And Tricks To Reduce Stretch Marks

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Stretch Marks

Every body is beautiful, and while some individuals don’t like the appearance of the stretch marks, it’s important to remember that they are entirely normal, especially for women. However, if you decide to reduce their appearance, there are several methods that you can use. In this article, we’ll discuss six tips and tricks to minimize stretch marks. Let’s get started.

Creams, oils, and lotions

One of the more affordable options that most individuals seem to check out first is the many creams, oils, lotions, and scrubs that can be used to reduce stretch mark visibility. While there are different opinions about what works, the products can make quite a difference for some. They can also play a vital part in preventing stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Some popular products include body butter, Bio-Oil, SOS solution, and Beauty Bio Firming Body Cream.

Camouflage tattoo

A camouflage tattoo is very similar to that of a regular tattoo and can help hide a number of different blemishes and scaring. It does have a lower price point than other cosmetic options, and effects are immediate and permanent. The results will vary on the depth and severity of your stretch marks, but the process can make a significant difference. If you’re interested, make sure you check out some before and after results online.


While it does sound like it has a scary name, microdermabrasion is actually a painless process to help reduce the visibility of stretch marks. By using small crystals and a unique wand, the collagen in the skin is tightened. Similar to the camouflage tattoo, the severity of your scarring will impact the results.

Laser Therapy

One of the most common therapy options to reduce stretch marks is laser therapy. It works by stimulating the area around your blemishes to heal the skin faster. While it does not remove the stretch marks, it allows them to blend into your surrounding skin. There are different types of laser therapy, so make sure you do your research before making any decisions.


Microneedling may sound daunting, but the process is more uncomfortable than painful. When many tiny needles are injected into the skin, it can increase collagen production and improve skin regeneration. The process of microneedling can be very effective, but not as popular as less invasive treatments. For a more affordable option, some individuals recommend purchasing and using a derma roller, to reduce redness.

Cosmetic Surgery

Lastly, the only real way to remove stretch marks, and the most expensive, is through intense cosmetic surgery. This involves the process of removing the skin entirely, similar to a tummy tuck procedure. However, like most surgery’s this can leave other scars and take a much longer time to heal. This should only be a last resort, and you speak with your doctor before making any decisions.

And that’s it! While there is no definite way to completely eliminate stretch marks, the above steps can help you reduce their appearance. However, always remember, stretch marks are normal, so you should never feel ashamed about their appearance. Bodies are beautiful, with or without these tiger stripes.

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