Top 8 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Skin This Summer

Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

Summer is finally here! The warm weather and beach days are something to which most of us look forward.

Your skin, however, might not be so happy. Summertime presents additional challenges to our skincare routines. Dryness, sunburns, and peeling seem inevitable.

In this article, we are going to go over some tips that will help you and your skin have a great summer.


Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

If you know anything about basic skincare, you’ll be familiar with this tip. You shed thousands of cells every day. They settle on your skin, making it look dry and dull.

All the lotion in the world won’t make your skin glow. Regular exfoliation is crucial. Use a body scrub in the shower a couple of times a week. Using gentle, circular motions, exfoliate everything from the shoulders down to remove the dead skin cells.

For your face and neck, use a facial exfoliator. Rinse clean after you’re done and admire your glowing skin.

2. Don’t Forget the Lotion

As long as you exfoliate, lotions will be helpful. Try to stay away from thick body butters though. These are better during the winter months.

Instead, find a light, fruity lotion meant for the summer. Purees and gels work great.

You should apply right after you dry off from your shower. This will help seal in the moisture your body just absorbed.

3. Avoid Harsh Products

This is especially important if you are prone to dry skin. According to TameYourSkin, many cleansers and acne toners use irritating ingredients. Instead, opt for products labeled “alcohol-free” and/or “gentle.”

4. Drink Water

We all know we should drink more water. This is especially important during the hot summer.

Try to carry a water bottle with you. Drinking water regularly will ensure that you stay hydrated and fresh. It will also help wash out toxins that are harmful to your skin.

5. Go Easy on the Makeup

When it comes to makeup in the summer, less is more. When you’re hot and sweaty, makeup likes to move around. Some products to avoid include:

  • Cream foundations. These products can add a nice glow. However, the humidity will cause you to look extra shiny.
  • Deep shades. Richer colors look heavy in the summer. Opt for lighter, sheer shades.
  • Eye creams. Eye creams can break down your makeup. For minimal creasing, use a smooth eye primer instead.

A tinted moisturizer and concealer are all you really need. If you want to go bare, even better. Your makeup will likely wash off at the beach or pool, anyways.

6. Don’t Be Shy with the Sunscreen

Don’t use last year’s bottle. Sunscreen doesn’t last forever, so buy a new bottle. Opt for products with high SPF, UVA, and UVB.

Thoroughly cover your entire body and face. Reapply often to ensure complete coverage.

7. Protect Yourself from Chlorine

Chlorine can be harsh on your skin. If you are swimming in your own pool, keep an eye on chlorine levels. Keep in mind that public pools tend to have higher concentrations.

There are lotions available intended for application before swimming. Sunscreen also acts as a barrier to chlorine.

Chlorine is really good at adhering to your skin. After the pool, try to take a shower as soon as possible. A hydrating mask can help rejuvenate dry skin.

8. Protect Yourself from Saltwater

Saltwater can actually be beneficial. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This makes it great for sterilizing skin and preventing inflammation.

However, saltwater can also dry out your skin. After the beach, take a lukewarm shower and use a moisturizing cleanser.

With these tips, your skin will definitely thank you this summer!

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