Game It With Dame! 10 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vagina In Perfect

Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vagina In Perfect

The most ignored part of our body is probably the most pleasurable!

Yes, you guessed it right, today we are talking about your vagina, clit, and clitoris. Don't go all red in the cheeks with embarrassment, but you might go red with pleasure if you hear us out and follow our advice to the T.

Lack of time, expensive self-care products, and mostly shyness are what bars us from taking care of our vaginas, and this is when we end up on our Gynae's bed for inspection.

Self Care Tips That Can Help You Keep Your Vaginas Healthy

Keeping vaginas healthy is as important as taking care of any other body part. It also requires your attention and proper upkeep. Here are some simple yet very effective tips that can help you feel lightweight and enjoy your bikini as well as a night with your partner without any discomfort.

1. Airing Your Undergarments To A Crisp Dry

Make sure you wash and dry yourself properly after every urination. A wet panty can be the fostering environment for unhealthy microbes. Leaving it wet can cause your vagina to remain wet for an unnecessarily long time.

Using talcum or wiping regularly can make it overly dry. This can lead to irritation and itch. It can also lead to discomfort during sex. If you feel that you are too dry down there, natural lubricants can help you sort it out. Other than that, you should avoid chemical usage.

2. Be Prompt With The Pad Change

There has been a significant shift from pads to menstrual cups. But if you are still using pads, we suggest you should avoid scented and synthetic ones. Using breathable cotton ones can be one right step, and changing them after every 4 hours can be the game-changer.

Being mindful of frequent pad change can help you avoid irritation developed due to carcinogenic buildup. A foul odor and skin rash are other side effects that you might end up enjoying unwantedly.

3. To Soap It Or Not To Soap It

It might sound like a dilemma, but the fact is that soap should not even be in consideration when we are preparing a vaginal-hygiene-related list. Soaps that are unscented should be your choice. Soaps usually disturb the natural pH of the vagina, causing you to go all itchy down there. Using lukewarm water is usually the best choice.

4. Clean Up Every Single Time

You’ve had a pleasant time with your partner with emotions running high and pleasure breaking boundaries. But do you know what should be the first thing you need to do after you are done with the deed?

Wash up.

Yes, every single time, you must clean yourself thoroughly with lukewarm water to prevent UTIs. You may still be swaying doused in the epiphany of sexual warmth, but that wash is the key to a perfect finish for every intimate session you ever have henceforth.

5. Your Vagina Needs To Breathe

Walking past a lingerie shop, you find a super attractive and sexy piece that you crave. You walk in, and the satiny touch has you hooked for an entire minute.

Let us stop you right there.


You step in and admire the fancy lingerie and then go on and buy the simple cotton ones.

The reason?

You want to let your vagina breathe. Cotton helps absorb sweat and dries quickly and helps prevent bacterial buildup that can lead to infections and rashes.

These tips can help you have a pleasurable intimate time with your partner. But if you want to have some perfect me-time, you can always use a little helper. Just so that you know, douching is also a big no!

Signing Off

Desire and ecstasy are those ephemeral emotions we enjoy during intimate sessions. But taking care of your vagina is something that stays with you and plays an essential part in your overall health.

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