Top 10 Fashion Accessories Carried by Women of Today

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Carried by Women of Today 1

Women all over the world get up and get dressed, readying themselves to take on the day. With some women as the breadwinners, it is critical to look and feel your best.

There are several accessories that women have carried in the past that are both chic and functional. Each are unique to the woman that carries it.

​Here are ten top fashion accessories that you might see in a woman’s hand, or on her person as she goes about her day.


​1. A Chic Modern or Vintage Wristlet/Purse

Some say you can tell everything about a woman by looking at the contents of her purse. We beg to differ-a purse is a small bit of personality.

​Whether designer, off-brand, or an inherited bag from a beloved grandmother’s younger days, a purse or wristlet is truly unique and necessary for the modern woman, as it holds all that is near and dear.

​2. Stylish or Fun Water Bottle

​Good health is important for everybody, but for women it means the ability to go to work, care for children, partake in hobbies, and be amazing without slowing down.

​One way to maintain optimum health is by making sure you are drinking the correct amount of water. Common knowledge tells us that 64 ounces a day is appropriate and will aid in achieving clear skin, good digestion, and reduction of hunger, among other health benefits.

​One way that women get their daily recommended water intake is by using an eco-friendly approach. Water bottles and vessels are now available with fun prints on them. Women who prefer a solid colour bottle can opt for great metal or steel vessels.

​Water bottles with funny or cute prints on them help make it fun to take in the daily recommended amount of water each day and provide a talking point.

​3. Personal Charm Bracelets

These come in many forms. Some come in the form of a single wire with a charm. Others look like a chain with charms and dividers on it.

​Women enjoy selecting charms that represent things and people important to them. One woman might have her favorite sports teams, her kids’ initials, and a charm honoring her profession.

​4. Cell Phone with Fun/Cute Case & PopSocket

Cell phones are now a part of everybody’s daily life. Having to carry one around means that you get to dress it up and make it your very own. Some cases include:

  • A tough case that guards against falls;
  • A designer, luxury case from a favorite brand;
  • A case that honors a sports team;
  • A case with glitter or liquid in the back,
  • A shaped case that looks like food or drink;
  • A case that is shaped or features a favorite cartoon character; or
  • A custom case created with a family photograph.

PopSockets are another cool and cute accessory that women use. It is so handy to choose a fun PopSocket that fits your personality and attach it to take better selfies.

5. Fashionable and Comfortable Flat Shoes or Flip Flops

Comfort is important. However, looking one’s best is equally important. While at work, high heeled shoes may be part of the dress code for women. While heels look amazing on every woman, it is common knowledge that they lack comfort in most cases.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Carried by Women of Today 2

During commutes and walking, it is a good idea to put on flat shoes or flip flops for an easier time walking. These lovely and comfortable shoes come in many colors and fabrics.

6. A Prestigious or Stylish Lapel Pin/Brooch

Suppose you are walking the streets of New York or Los Angeles during morning rush time. You will likely see women in various work outfits heading to their positions, ready for another day. Some women opt to wear their company’s lapel pin as a sign of pride in their work.

Other ladies may opt for a special brooch to complement their winter coats or blazers.

7. Hats for the Season

Hats and headwear are a popular part of what women wear to look great and guard against inclement weather.

Here are some styles:

  • Floppy sun hats
  • Sporty baseball caps
  • Pom-pom knit caps

8. Scarves of All Colors

Scarves have grown in popularity over the years and lend a little bit of color to an outfit that may be rather monotone in its hues. Scarves can be purchased at any retailer, and come in a variety of prints, colors and patterns to suit any woman. They come in many different fabrics and can be used to keep warm or just for fashion and fun.

​You are likely to see a chunky wool scarf on a cold day. On a hot day, a thin gauze scarf is likely, and for special occasions, a silk scarf looks great with any outfit.

​9. Sporty, Chic or Quirky Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another accessory that is simply unique to the woman who wears them. Your sporty friend might opt for some cool Ray-Ban glasses, looking cool as can be.

​Meanwhile, your stylish friend who just can’t get enough fashion chooses those oversized, black shades with a designer logo on the side. Others might choose the classic heart-shaped frames for a fun vibe.

​10. Pins That Commemorate A Fun Event!

The accessory mentioned in #6 is much more than a company lapel pin. You may very well see a woman wearing a pin that brings to memory the happiest day ever-the day she got married. Or, you might see her showing support and excitement for a friend’s wedding with a pin.

​Wedding pins are a great way for brides and bridesmaids to build excitement about their big day. Family can take pride and joy in wearing the pin and telling everybody the good news. They make great wedding favors for guests that they are sure to treasure and keep forever.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Carried by Women of Today 3

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​In Closing!

There are many ways for women of today to look stylish and beautiful. Each of us is unique and beautiful in our own way. It is important to just be yourself and wear what makes you happy and look good. For example, you might wear a lapel pin to show off your attendance to a special event or display how hard you work.

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