Truvision: Does This Product Really Help You Lose Weight?


Truvision: An Overview

Dieters have a wealth of supplement options available to them at the click of a mouse. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s bad because it may take a long time for you to find the weight loss supplement that works for you what with the myriad of options available. It can also be good because there are all different kinds of supplements for a wide range of people and body types.

Today we will try and help make the choice a bit easier for those dieters who have seen and are interested in the particular supplement knowns as Truvision. Truvision is a dietary supplement that works as a two-pill system: you take two different pills daily, which is said to help ensure the maximum weight loss effects.


One pill is called TruFIT and the other is called TruCONTROL. The purpose of this dual-pill health system is to increase your metabolic rate and help ready you for exercise by providing your body with more energy.

This system is also said to promote the overall health of the user by providing the body with certain nutrients that have effects that go beyond shedding unwanted pounds.

TruVision Health LLC, the makers of the Truvision weight loss system, pride themselves on being a company that makes products that promote the ultimate health and well-being of the consumer. Truvision is one such product.

Does Truvision Work?

One of the functions that Truvision utilizes in order to help the user lose weight is the activation of a faster metabolism. Metabolism is a lot more than most people think it is. It is more than just how quickly your body can process fats.

 Calories are used not only for fuel when you exercise but they are needed for all bodily functions like breathing, generating new cells and even circulating blood throughout your body. The speed at which these processes are carried out and how many calories are burned in the process is metabolism.

So can altering metabolism lead to weight loss? It most likely can but whether or not a supplement can actually alter one’s metabolism is up for debate. Truvision may help boost your metabolism so let’s take a look at what actual users are saying about this product:

“Truvision helped me feel more energized which made it a lot easier for me to get out there and exercise. It made it easier to shed more pounds than if I just tried exercising on my own so it has really worked out for me.” –Anna M.

“Couldn’t really tell a difference in the way I felt or how fast I was losing weight. It didn’t seem to have too much of a positive or negative impact on my metabolism or how much weight I was losing. I am about the same weight now as when I firsts started taking Truvision about 4 months ago.” –Dan G.

The reviews on Truvision are pretty much split down the middle and it seems that its effectiveness does depend on the body chemistry of the user and how committed the user is to diet and exercise.

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Truvision Ingredients

As stated earlier, Truvision consists of two separate pills with different ingredient lists. These ingredients are said to do a few things; increase your metabolism, increase your energy levels and decrease your appetite.

TruFIX Ingredients:

  • Raspberry Ketones – It is purported that raspberry ketones can spur the thermogenic process and help to burn fat more efficiently.
  • Cinnamon bark extract – The way that cinnamon bark extract may aid in weight loss is by combating the negative effects of eating foods high in fat. So even if you do tend to eat fatty foods, cinnamon bark may slow the rate at which your body stores that fat.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – By lowering blood sugar levels ALA may be able to create a more congenial bodily state for burning fat.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Raw green coffee beans are effective for lowering blood pressure and also provide some antioxidant benefits.

TruControl Ingredients:

  • Theacrine – Theacrine is an alkaloid that resembles caffeine. It is used as a stimulant of sorts in dietary supplements to spur weight loss.
  • Ferrous Fumarate – Ferrous Fumarate is needed for the hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout your body via the blood cellsWithout this type of iron, one can become weak, anemic and generally unable to engage in physical activity.
  • Green Tea Extract – This natural ingredient is a source for caffeine which can provide the body with energy.
  • Octodrine – This is another stimulant that is used for weight loss and fat management.

Tips for General Health With or Without Truvision Supplements

No matter what kind of supplement you are considering there are general rules of thumb to follow that will help you stay healthy and possibly lose weight as well.

Regular exercise is an important part of any healthy person’s life. Playing sports, walking at a brisk pace or riding an exercise bike are all great forms of cardio which help increase the heart rate.

Having a decent diet will do wonders for anyone trying to lose weight or live healthily. Having a good amount of fresh greens, veggies and fruit is a great way to get started.

The best diet plan will also include a good amount of sleep. Sleeping helps your body recover from exercise and is absolutely essential to having any kind of energy.

How to Order Truvision

Truvision can be ordered through the official Truvision Health LLC website where they offer free shipping on all of their sales packages. The Truvision Health LLC site offers sample packs, 30-day supply retail packs, 30-day supply preferred packs and a wholesale Control Kit pack. Truvision is also available on retail websites where the prices, shipping fees, and pack availability will vary.

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As a weight loss supplement, it is clear that Truvision is not a miracle worker. It has some components that are likely to assist the user’s weight loss efforts, but there must be an effort on the part of the individual in order to hope for any kind of results.

It may help you lose weight by aiding the processes by which your body burns fat, providing you with more energy and having an effect on your metabolism. Of course, these effects will be complemented by simple diet and exercise regimens.

A consumer should note that opened Truvision product is not eligible for a refund so be sure you are ready to give Truvision a shot before purchasing.

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