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You may heard about us before, maybe on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, no matter where, here we will offer a comprehensive introduce about UniWigs. As a wigs online store for more than 5 years, our true passion is essential in order to make fabulous hair products.

Throughout our history, UniWigs' philosophy has always been making hair unique and stylish to fit each person. From drawing the first sketches to presenting our finished hair products, UniWigs applies the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Unique to our industry, we make our hair designs at our design center in LA and produce them at our factories based in Asia.

Design, development, production, quality control and sales - UniWigs controls every step of the hair making process and ensures high UniWigs quality. We take responsibility in providing our customers the best.

Products by UniWigs

We offer human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, hair pieces and extensions, even closure and weaves. And now the most popular products are Trendy Wigs Collection and Hair Toppers, human hair wigs hot sale too, especial for the celebrity wigs. There are so many real customer reviews everyday for these top sale products.

Hair Wigs

“I can Honestly say that with this wig my hairline and the scalp of the wig looks very natural! People think I actually dyed my hair. Plus it’s really soft and silky too! Super easy to style and comb out whenever there’s knots.

The curls are also super easy to crease up in case you want to add gel or moose to the wig to make it more curly!”

Martha Jan 29, 2018

Hair Wigs

”This wig completely exceeded my expectations! The hair is very good quality for synthetic, and the color combo is gorgeous (I ordered the Lilac).

So many people have complimented the color, they think it’s real hair. I will be ordering another in the near future, thinking about going for the 5 next time!

Chrissy Mar 29, 2018

Hair Wigs

“I have alopecia universalis meaning I don't grow hair at all, this is my first time buying a wig not with my government money so I can get one for free.

The problem with those is that it's only natural colors and I've always wanted something unnatural cause all my friends could have whatever colour they wanted. So I saw a video on YouTube about this site and came and looked at all the wigs. 

They're all so pretty it was very hard to choose but I wanted one that wasn't super long and ended up with this one. It's very nice quality compared to the ones I'm used to that are about 4-5 times the price.

The quality of the hair and the thickness of it is great for the price and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, although cutting the lace front on my own was very scary. It doesn't sit quite right on my right ear but I'm sure I can fix that if I dare cut the lace a little more. All in all I'll probably come back for more wigs some day.”

Martina Apr 18, 2018

Hair Wigs

“Lovely wig! A little expensive, but totally worth it. The texture is feels soft and the wig itself is very light, which is why it is pleasant to wear. This wig is easy to style, and it always looks cute. I never have to be worried about the wig cap showing.

Every time I wear this wig I get a lot of compliments and many people have thought it is my real hair! I would definitely recommend this wig for someone who is looking for cute, funny and natural looking high-quality wig.”

Kati Mar 28, 2018

Hair Wigs

“I like the ash platinum blonde so much. It will be always the top fashion and this is why I ordered it. And the hair quality is so nice and soft,I am thinking I might dye it to other colors later when I'm bored with it.”

Salima Apr 04, 2018

Hair Wigs

“This wig is SO GOOD! If you buy this wig, make sure you take the time to pluck the pieces so it looks more natural! I'm obsessed with this wig!!”

Courtelizz1 Nov 21, 2017

Hair Wigs

“This Clara hair topper is great! In the beginning, I just buy this topper with the idea of a try. But when I got it, I was deeply attracted by its soft texture, natural looking and beautiful color. That's the best choice that I've ever made.Thanks for UniWigs!!”

Emma Apr 12, 2018

Hair Wigs

“Okay so I have had this piece for about a month now because I really wanted to leave a in depth review. Let me start off by saying THIS CLOSURE IS BOMB!!So I got the natural black shade in 14 inches. Not only have I COMPLETELY bleached this top but I also dyed it to a brown shade with a few highlights.

On top of that, I had this piece sewn in. I have EVEN SWAM IN THIS. Like what?!?That’s right. I cut a couple of face frame pieces into it just for layers and it looks phenomenal.

People have been complimenting me like never before. I’m so in love with this piece I’m thinking about starting a blog just to review UniWigs! I ordered and paid for this with my own money and all opinions are my own. 

I can’t believe how amazing the quality is and I’ve been telling so many people about this because with this price this is insane! No hesitation I will be buying for this company again.

The confidence boost from wearing this has been so inspiring. My boyfriend loves it and says this is the best my hair has ever looked. Family didn’t even realize it was a topper. Truly amazing. Thank you so much UniWigs!!!!”

Peyton May 07, 2018

Design by UniWigs

Our designers, in LA design center, are always looking for trendy styles of each fashionable season, cutting techniques and color trends. Inspiration exists everywhere, but our consistent dedication to light & natural designs is unique and everlasting.

Our design center supplies our factories with detailed instructions on how to produce our hair products that live up to our customers’ high expectations. Our professional technicians and craftsmen are also responsible for converting these innovative ideas into fully specified hair styles.

Production and Development

We make quality control our priority thus every detail in product development is carefully planned and monitored by UniWigs.

Not only the hair is a fundamental component of most UniWigs products, but also the craftsmanship, meticulous technicians and craftsmen are elaborately selected. Our high standard results in high quality array of soft, natural, durable and dedicated products line.

Tips: If you are new to UniWigs, use code REG15 or M15 to get 15% OFF for your first order on computer or mobile.

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