5 Benefits Of Vaseline For Hair, Skin, And Beauty: All You Need To Know

Vaseline For Hair, Skin, And Beauty

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, you will no doubt know about the fantastic benefits of Vaseline for hair, skin, and beauty overall. This wonderful invention can be used for many different things, but in terms of beauty, the uses are endless!

You can use Vaseline, or Petroleum Jelly to give it its more formal name, for your skin, your lips, your eyelashes, and you can also use it for your hair.

We don’t always want to be spending a small fortune on hair products and skin creams, so if you can find cheap alternatives already lurking in your bathroom cabinet, all the better!

Let’s run through a few of the wonderful uses of Vaseline. Remember that these are just a selection, and there are plenty more besides these too. Vaseline is adaptable and its uses are far-reaching!


Five Benefits Of Vaseline For Hair, Skin, Beauty And How To Use It

Before we get into the specifics of how to use Vaseline, let’s just quickly talk about why it’s so great to add Vaseline to your hair as a cheap and cheerful treatment. This is perhaps its main use, and we’ll discuss it a little more in one of our top five uses.

  • Vaseline helps to prevent split ends and dryness by protecting and hydrating your hair
  • It is a moisturizing agent
  • Vaseline can help to promote hair growth by massaging into the roots very sparingly.

A word of warning however, you only need to use a very small amount, as otherwise you will be left with a greasy mess that is time-consuming to put right. If you need a little further visual information on how wonderful Vaseline is for all manner of beauty issues, check out this video. As you will see from this, you can adapt Vaseline into most of your beauty routine uses.

So, without further ado, let’s check out five of the best uses and how to use this wonderful invention in each case.

Vaseline Use Number 1 – Use Vaseline To Moisturize And Exfoliate Dry Feet

Whether you’re suffering from cracked heels due to over-use of summer flip flops, or it’s the dehydrating effect of winter, moisturizing your feet is a must. Nobody likes that dry, scratchy effect on the bed sheets from dry feet! Vaseline can be used to create a moisturizing scrub which works wonders on skin, very cheaply indeed.

  • Mix Vaseline with sea salt and combine together well, make sure you mix them together properly otherwise the salt won’t create the right kind of exfoliating mixture
  • Apply to your feet and massage in circulation motions to remove dead skin cells and encourage the Vaseline to absorb properly into the skin
  • Concentrate on the areas which are most dry but cover the whole foot and toes
  • Put on a pair of socks and leave either overnight or for a few hours
  • Remove the socks and wash off the mixture
  • You’ll be left with silky smooth tootsies!

Check out this video for a visual cue.

Vaseline Use Number 2 – Use Vaseline To Moisturize Your Facial Skin

You won’t need anyone to tell you how expensive facial skin creams can be, so making your own cream out of what you already have at home is a great way to save cash! Of course, you also know what has gone into the cream, so you aren’t going to react adversely to anything in the form of redness or blotches. This is therefore an ideal answer for anyone with sensitive skin.

Another plus point of creating your own Vaseline moisturizing face cream is that it won’t clog up your pores and cause spots and oily skin! The idea that Vaseline is a clogging agent is totally false.

  • Simply apply Vaseline to your skin sparingly at night before bed – massage gently in a circular motion, avoid getting too close to your eyes
  • Leave the Vaseline to absorb
  • Wash your face and pat dry in the morning

If you end up with a grease slick on your pillowcase, you’ve applied too much! Check out this video for a tutorial.

Vaseline Use Number 3 – Control Your Eyebrows!

Sometimes our eyebrows just don’t want to behave, and if you’re having a bad brow day, you can easily tame the beasts with just a tiny bit of Vaseline! This is a great way to control and tame your eyebrows between tweezing, or if you want to grow them out a little to create a new shape.

  • Simply apply a tiny bit of Vaseline to your eyebrows using your finger tip
  • Smooth the Vaseline across your eyebrow or dab, depending on how much you need to smooth down – don’t go overboard or you will have oily eyebrows!

Vaseline Use Number 4 – Create Your Own Cosmetic Highlighter

Create Your Own Cosmetic Highlighter

Via zuri.in

We know that cosmetics can be expensive these days, and if you don’t want to splash the cash, you can easily use Vaseline to make yourself a cheap and very effective highlighter.

Again, make sure you only use this sparingly, otherwise you may have an oil problem! The idea of creating your own bespoke highlighter here is that you can apply it to the parts of your face that you want to highlight using your fingers, and therefore have more control over your appearance.

  • Dab a tiny amount of Vaseline on your cheekbones and use the same dabbing motion with your fingertips to create a dewy appearance to your skin – less is more!

Vaseline Use Number 5 – A Hair Moisturizing Mask Treatment

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight

Vaseline for hair is probably the number one use, and that is because it is so flexible in term of what it can be used for. If you are suffering from dry hair, perhaps split ends, and your locks need a little TLC, applying a tiny amount of Vaseline to the tips of your hair is the ideal way to smooth things out.

  • Remember not to go overboard with how much you use here, as Vaseline is very effective at clinging to hair and being difficult to wash out!
  • Apply the Vaseline to the tips of the hair and comb through with a brush to distribute evenly
  • Leave it to soak in before rinsing very well to remove
  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo, to remove the excess product
  • If you want to promote hair growth, repeat this process but apply the Vaseline to the roots instead – again, less is more!

Still Loving Vaseline?

"Vaseline For Hair, Skin, And Beauty". There’s no denying that Vaseline is a wonderful thing indeed, and there are countless uses for Vaseline too, besides your hair. This small tube of petroleum jelly will last you for months, and it’s cheap at half the price too!

We have mentioned a few times about using Vaseline for hair sparingly, and that’s a point that is certainly worth mentioning again – less is definitely more! Vaseline is a jelly, and it is one which is difficult to remove when too much is removed.

This line can be adapted to all our uses in many ways, because too much Vaseline on your skin is going to leave you with a greasy shine, and too much Vaseline on your feet is going to take more than a few washes to remove! Again, your eyebrows won’t love too much of this either!

Vaseline is certainly a flexible and adaptable product, and one that we can use for many other reasons beyond the ones we’ve talked about. Purchasing a tub of Vaseline is an investment in many ways, and you’ll find that when you use it sparingly, as advised, it will certainly last you for much longer than the other items in your bathroom cabinet.

Do you have any other tips on benefits of Vaseline and how to use it? Share tips and share alike!

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