10 Water Sports To Tone Your Body

Water Sports To Tone Your Body

Apart from learning and working, sports have always been an interesting task not only to children but also to the adults. Sports remind the adult people about their childhood and can help in getting rid of their stress and depression.

Even though there are various games specially designed for adult people, water games play a vital role in relaxing and endowing happiness to the individual. Unlike playing in the regular ground, playing inside the water will reduce your depression to a greater extent.

As you play, water lifts up your body thereby soothing your mind. Apart from assuaging your mind, water games can also help you get rid of unwanted fat and cholesterol from your body thereby making your body healthy.

It is some sort of exciting workout that instigates you to continue the workout even if you are tired. You can build your strength of the core muscles, gain balance and stability with these water sports which serves as a combination of both aerobic exercise and muscle workouts.

Losing calories in water shall be rapid when comparing to the ordinary workouts at gym. Listed below are some water sports which can tone the muscles without visiting the gym. Let’s have a glance at them one by one.

Note: Before engaging in water sports & hiking activities make sure you have all the essential gears for the same such as goggles, hiking shoes, suits that fit kayaking/snorkeling etc. Make sure you go well prepared into each activity with all essential gears.


Top 10 Water Sports To Tone Your Body

​1. Kayaking

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​Kayaking is an exquisite water sport which is a distinguished form of canoeing. In canoeing, there shall be several number of persons equipped with oars, but in kayaking there only one person who sits in a small synthetic canoe made up of inflated rubber, PVC, fiberglass etc.

The rower has to row the kayak alternatively by using a double-bladed paddle. While kayaking in the downstream or still water rowing will be very simple and you can cover maximum distance within minutes. 

But still, the rower has to repeatedly tackle the resistance offered by the water which makes your shoulder muscles, biceps and chest muscles strong. As you row, it will also serve to be an excellent workout for your abs.

2. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is another exciting water sport which is very much similar to kayaking. In this sport, a floating surfboard is used to travel in the ocean as there won’t be any ebb and tide at a particular distance from the shore.

The rider can stand, kneel, or lie on this board to reach a distance. This sport gives good strength to the thighs and feet.

Moreover, by rowing with a double bladed paddle you can achieve strong and sculpted muscles in the upper torso. It can also serve to be cardio workout bestowing you with attractive abs.

​3. Surfing

10 Water Sports To Tone Your Body 2

​Surfing is a quite famous water sport which provides a grandeur scene to the spectators. Surfing over the waves requires, a surfboard usually made up of fiberglass or epoxy resin which has high floating tendency.

Also, the surface area of the board should be proportional to the weight of the surfer. Otherwise, once you get on the board it would get immersed in the water. A cord is tied to the leg of the surfer to prevent detachment from the surfboard.​

Conclusively, surfing is a wonderful sport which works out all the muscles of the body with an adequate amount of cardio workout. Additionally, surfing can make you lose twice the calories which you lose while running.

​4. Water polo


Water polo is also an interesting team sport which is similar to a football game played with hands instead of legs. This sport requires 2 teams with each team containing seven members and the motive of the game is to throw a ball inside the goal post of the other team.

The team with the maximum goals is the winner of the game. This game makes your upper torso to work efficiently not only against the other team but, also against the resistance provided by the water. Due to such workouts your abs and the arms gets sculpted to an attractive level.

5. Water Skiing

Water skiing is a sport which can be seen in almost all modern movies. This game should be performed on a smooth water stretch which is at least 5 feet deep and this would help the skier to get up safely, even if he falls while skiing.

Usually, a towboat is used to pull the skies and the skier has to adapt his position without falling down. The speed of the towboat shall be the speed of the skier. This sport concentrates able workout on the lower torso of your body making your calves, hamstrings and quads stronger. Moreover, it can also sculpt your arms and chest to a desired level.

6. Swimming

10 Water Sports To Tone Your Body 3

​Swimming is a common exercise which all of us might have done. It is a primitive workout, which makes all the muscles in our body to work accompanied with adequate cardio workout also.

By pushing your hands against the resistance of water, your arms, abs and chest get ripped. At the same time, by propelling with your leg, you work your muscles of the lower torso to burn maximum calories which can make your body fit and healthier.

7. Kitesurfing


Kitesurfing is also a water sport which is similar to surfing, the difference here is the usage of kite instead of the tow boat. Unlike surfing, kite surfing can be performed on the land, water and snow.

The size of the kite and the amount of wind are important factors in kite surfing which pulls the surfer. This water sport provides good strength to all the muscles in the arm and the chest region. Limited workout is also given to the leg muscles due to the resistance of the water.

8. Water Volleyball

Water volleyball

Water volleyball is the same volleyball game which we play inside the water. Usually, the length of the court shall be from 2 to 5 meters with water level of about 3 feet. While playing water volleyball serving, passing and receiving the ball shall be difficult when compared to the ordinary volleyball.

 This is because water adheres to the surface of the body increasing the weight of your lower torso. Thus water volleyball can be an effective replacement for your workouts concentrating the hips, thighs, and hamstrings.

9. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving

Scuba stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. It is an underwater diving sport which requires long stay under the water. The divers also take oxygen cylinders and other diving gears like masks, cylinder, nozzles, pads, vests etc.

Scuba diving can also be helpful in navigation and monitoring the underwater creatures and their habitats. It is very similar to swimming but, it is a long-term and slower swimming which gives an adequate workout to all the muscles. Breathing and pressure are the main factors which should be monitored carefully in this sport.

10. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is reflection of scuba diving sport, but unlike scuba diving snorkeling is done on the surface of the water. This sport has been designed to enjoy the elegance of the underwater life using a mask and a small pipe for breathing.

Snorkeling vests shall be helpful to keep you on the surface of the water without drowning. The swimming actions in this sport shall prove to be a useful workout, but not as effective as regular swimming.

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