What is Feminine Face Surgery?

What is Feminine Face Surgery

Face is the one of the most important thing in human body.When we communicate or interact with someone, we pay attention humans face.Also faces give us a clue what our personality and image is ,and what others perceive you.For these reasons, Feminine Face Surgery define of plastic and craniofacial surgical procedures that gives a chance male to female features to make them more feminine looks.

This type of surgeries possible to reshape into female appearances.Also with Feminine Face Surgery ,possible to identified in a society as a women.Feminine Face Surgery might not gives you the best facial features or depend on your face structure but these surgery can help you to love your face with peace and provide to gain self esteem live your life more happier.

There is a variety of different cosmetic surgeries to give them the best feminine looks.These are include;

  • Lip Lift: Looking more feminine appears to have a short upper lips.Lip injection between bottom of the nose and lip area to expose the teeth to achieve more female looks.
  • Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty): Typically feminine nose are small and curved.Rhinoplasty for transgender is the same standard cosmetic rhinoplasty.When nose changes is not required extend problem, it canperformed without intervention.
  • Cheek Implants:Cheeks are the one of the most important part of female faces.If you want to feel more feminine looks, you can have a smoother feminine appearances by giving the cheeks rounder.In this procedure, including to be removed fatty tissue another part of humans body and be injected into the cheeks.
  • Brow Lift with Bossing :Male and Female brows are different from each other.No need to be lifted all brows out of certain surgery.Brow lift surgery is better under anesthesia long-format facial feminization surgery session like open surgery. It can get better results of open surgery because it's easier to control.

Why choose A Plastic Surgeon with Craniofacial Training for your Feminine Face Surgery ?

Craniofacial surgery involves surgical subspecialty that deals with congenital and acquired deformities of the nec, skull, head,jaws and associated structures on humans body.For successful long-lasting facial gender confirmation surgery,needs to be performed by a highly skilled surgeon with craniofacial training.

What to expect after FFS?

Generally peoples think that go home after surgery but ıts impossible.You need to stay the night in hospital after surgery.You can encounter with facial swelling and you can feel discomfort.You can take medication regularly to reduce your pain.Feeling mild discomfort and facial swelling will resolve within 7-10 days.

You should be able to improvement your daily activities and wear make up after 3 -4 weeks. However your recovery process will continue next few months. You can get the final result at 6 to 12 months after your surgery.

Facial feminine surgery is an important process. This surgery has some risks so ıts not as easy as you think. When surgery is done, ıt will be worth involving feminine looks as they feel more feminine. To have a successful surgery, you have to ensure that your surgeon is skilled and experienced about that and you also should pay attention to your surgical process your own recovery process too afterward.

You can search from reliable sources to the surgery steps that you encounter with. you can decide what you want about facial feminization and masculinization.

Results of Feminine Face Surgery

Feminine Face Surgery aims to change the secondary sexual facial characters from male to female. The face enables the first visual clue about the sex of an individual. You have a chance to be concealed your body easily to look more feminine but it's difficult to appear more feminine looks in your face without Facial Feminine surgical operations.

You can think that your surgery will complete in one day but you might stay 48 hours in a hotel after face operations. you will experience face swelling and pain in your face. you will resolve your swelling and bruising problem within 7-10 days. Feminine Face Surgery is the main operation that has some risks. We recommend you take information from your surgeon that details all problems after surgery.

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