Get To Learn About: What Is Kanekalon Hair Made Of

What Is Kanekalon Hair Made Of

"What is kanekalon hair made of?". If you need to look your best, sometimes you would want to use Kanekalon hair.

It will easily blend into your natural hair to give you a great look that you have always wanted. Kanekalon is probably one of the most common and popular synthetic material used for making wigs, weaves and even braids.

So, what is Kanekalon hair made of?

This would be a common question a person would ask to learn more about the hair type before using it. Well, Kanekalon comes with a feel that resembles human or animal hair. This means that it gets to be like your natural hair.

The human hair like feel is from the modacrylic fiber presenting in the hair. There is the additional use of shrinking potentials important for protecting the hair just in case it is exposed to heat or boiling water.

During the manufacture of Kanekalon products, the fiber is exposed to serious heat treatment. It is why you will always get it being more durable when exposed to any kinds of heat.

Thanks to its structure, you will get that Kanekalon offers better durability. You can always expect that the Kanekalon products would last for much longer than when using the wigs, weaves, and braids.

As much as they are made from other synthetic material, they often have different durability options.

Kanekalon Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair

Kanekalon Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair


You might be thinking that this is an obvious comparison since Kanekalon hair is still a type of synthetic hair. Well, as much as that is the case, there are some major differences between Kanekalon with the other types of synthetic hair.

Any synthetic hair would be made from artificial materials, so you can always expect that it would feel similar to touching plastics. The difference is that you can have the Kanekalon feeling differently. For Kanekalon, it would feel like a human or animal hair, which is all natural.

When it comes to styling, it is possible that you have to use curling ironshair dryers or steam. The kanekalon hair does not lose its shape due to the heat, thus making it great for styling. The same cannot be said for the other types of synthetic fibers.

That being said, kanekalon can be great for heat styling, but this does not mean that you go on to use a lot of heat. Any type of synthetic hair will always have its breaking point with the heat applied to it.

Caring For Kanekalon Extensions

Caring for Kanekalon Extensions


The hair is not going to look great for years unless you get to do a proper maintenance. You have to make sure that you get to do it correctly all the time, so as to keep the Kanekalon extensions looking great.

You might want to wash the hair regularly to avoid having more dirt buildup. When there is a dirt build up, these styling products would often start to slip and look dull.

Another important tip is that you concentrate more on cleaning the scalp. As much as you are cleaning the kanekalon hair, you also need to clean your own hair at the scalp.

The common problem after washing the hair would be tangling. Well, you need to use a leave-in conditioner important for detangling the extensions after they have been washed. 

The places where they seem to have wavy hair, you can simply comb through it with your fingers. Detangling is advised to be done from the beginning to the ends of the hair. Make sure to start at your scalp outwards.

As for regular conditioning, you may want to use it more often for the extensions. You do not have to spray each day, once every three days should be enough to keep the hair moisturized and still avoid having too much product buildup in the hair.

During bedtime, you might want to use satin accessories or sleep on satin pillowcase. You need to twist the hair into a loose bun and tuck it into your satin scarf or cap before sleeping.

This is important to prevent the extensions from rubbing against the beddings thus becoming loose or frayed. Another crucial thing to consider would be the time to give the extensions. You do not want to leave them in for too long.

The kanekalon hair extension durability will vary depending on the type of styling you chose. Some would take longer while others within a few weeks. Consult your stylist to know when it is necessary to make the changes.

  • Check out this video for more cleaning tips


"What is kanekalon hair made of?". It is easy to see that the kanekalon hair type is quite impressive when it comes to using it for styling. Since it can withstand more heat, it will not lose its shape easily. You can now use it for various styling options all the time.

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