What Is Remy Hair – 4 Things To Unlock The Truth About It

Remy Hair

I can care less if I have to leave the house with little to no makeup, but one thing I will not be able to live without is my hair extensions.

Attaching them to a long row or clip by clip has been an integral part of my daily routine because, in my line of job where I have to look presentable enough to deal with clients, my limp and ultra-fine hair are big no-nos. And the fullness and bounce that I am after only transpire when I use my favorite Remy (or Remi) hair.

"What is Remy hair?" is the most common question thrown at me every time I make specifications about my extensions. A single sentence is not enough to explain why I prefer it over the other kinds, so allow me to talk about it in detail below.

What Is Remy Hair And Come From?

What Is Remy Hair

In a nutshell, this hair is taken from humans. It is not synthetic or mass produced like a few weaves being sold on the market, but it is not virgin hair either.

I have to emphasize this fact since many often get the wrong end of the stick and think that they are the same. Well, they are not. While the term ‘virgin hair’ pertains to unprocessed or uncolored locks, Remy hair just means high-quality weave which may have already gone or will go through chemical treatments to meet the clients’ needs.

What Makes Remy Hair Special?

What Makes Remy Hair Special

What is Remy hair has a lot to do with how manufacturers collect the strands that go in each bundle as the process requires more intricacy than usual. In particular, you have to cut the donor’s locks from the roots and lay everything down in one direction.

The cuticles remain in Remy hair for a longer lasting shelf-life, and that is another factor that makes it exceptional. This weave comes at a higher rate due to its origin and durability; that’s why I find it nice to know (and probably you will too) that it is usable for one year or more with proper maintenance.

What Are The Types Of Remy Hair?

Geography and ethnicity determine the quality of Remy weave that you may obtain. Here are some of the selections available today:

1. Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy Hair

The hair coming from Indian donors are the most sought-after for extension users. The color is compatible for many women, and the texture feels soft, so the Indian Remy hair will not be hefty once attached to the head.

It is an important tidbit since chunky extensions can pull on the regular locks and damage it. My personal favorite is the Moisture Remy Rain as it is effortless to style.

2. Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy Hair

If you run out of Indian hair, the next best thing is the Brazilian locks. The combination of Native America and Europe in the genetic makeup of the donors from Brazil shows in the thickness and strength of the strands.

When I sported a bob several months back, my partner in crime was the Outre Velvet Duby weave. You can also check out this review of the curly and longer version of it.

3. Malaysian Remy Hair

Malaysian Remy Hair

Extensions made from Malaysian locks befit the ladies who wish to see volume, silkiness, and freely flowing hair. The notable aspect of this weave is that every thread it is denser than the other types.

It also curls once it gets watered on but returns to its original state when dries.The Malaysian Remy hair can be hard to find, however, because of the awesomeness it brings. I even had to get my Klaiyi extensions online since the local shops do not have it.

4. Chinese Remy Hair

Chinese Remy Hair

To match your very straight locks, you should obtain the Remy hair from China. Despite being coarse, this kind is just great if you prefer not to utilize various curling or styling tools. My go-to shop for it is DaJun, and they sell weaves on Amazon too for easy access.

5. Russian Remy Hair


The weave supplied by Russian women are suitable for the Westerners whose hair type is soft yet not overly straight. It can be a wise inclusion to your natural locks to make it seem fuller or longer. The brand that creates awesome Russian Remy hair is the Empyrean Hair Extensions.

What Benefits Does Remy Hair Provide?

What Benefits Does Remy Hair Provide


Less Tangles

What I love about this weave is that I rarely need to worry about tangles. Particularly in the morning when I do not have the luxury to take time in fixing my tresses – much more the extensions – it is such a life- and a time-saver to possess Remy hair.

This advantageous side of the product is all thanks to the thoughtfulness of the people who create it. Imagine needing to chop off the donor’s locks carefully to ensure that the roots stay aligned to each other and to minimize the tangling. It cannot be an easy job, but all the same, we are surely glad for this fantastic find.


The synthetic weaves only last for a short period because they lack a cuticle, the external layer of hair that allows it to remain soft and glossy. There are unprocessed Remy hairs at present, yet I am into the ones which have been chemically treated so as to ascertain its durability.


Remy hair will never look amiss among the real deal because it has come from humans as well. If your hair is fine like mine or highly textured, the distributors can meet your requirements. It entails that even though you may wear extensions, it will appear as if all the locks belong to your head.

Another thing that lets Remy hair blend well is that you can dye it in accordance with your current hair color. This factor can make you feel like the new weave is indeed a portion of your tresses.


The human hair utilized to build Remy hair once belonged to women from different parts of the globe. Knowing what it is and its diverse forms can help you understand which one will go nicely with your locks.

The rule of thumb is that Indian and Brazilian weaves are appropriate for most hair types, the Chinese variety is perfect for straight hair, and the Malaysian one is for the coarse sort.

Do not settle for cheap synthetic extensions or wigs. Get the Remy hair today and check out the difference yourself.

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