What Is Silk Press – 5 Things To Know

What Is Silk Press

Do you wish that your straightened hair will not go back to its natural curly state after a day?I have a friend who used to come to gatherings with her gorgeous Afro. Then one day, she made our jaws drop when she met us with her shiny, straight mane. Her secret? The silk press.

It is quite a fresh idea, so we asked more than the simple “What is silk press?”. If you are eager to know its meaning as well, you may read on to understand the whole process.

5 Things To Know About What Is Silk Press

1. What Is Silk Press?

This is a hair treatment that has the ability to relax your coarse locks without damaging it. You can say that it is the contemporary version of a traditional straightening procedure which those born with kinky strands have had to contend with.

 It's main distinction from the latter is that it does not make use of grease or hot comb. You will, therefore, not feel as if your hair is getting fried.

The products applied in this method are meant to lock moisture in at most. For this reason, the result is a silky-smooth mane that women of diverse ethnicities may envy.

2. Who Can Get A Silk Press?

In theory, everyone who wants it can ask for the treatment. It is a relaxing technique that calls for a high-quality flat iron, a blow-dryer, and several moisturizing items; that’s why it cannot be bad for any hair type.

The problem is, if you have thin hair, it will just seem like you have deep-conditioned or straightened your mane with regular products. The great outcome will not be as evident as when the method is performed on ladies with coarse, curly locks; thus, the silk press is basically recommended for them.

3. What Techniques Can Be Expected While Getting A Silk Press?

Though a hot comb is not essential for this process, you need heat to make your hair straighter than ever. To prepare the strands, make sure that you use a clarifying shampoo, a normal shampoo, a conditioner, and a deep conditioner.

Doing it in the said order guarantees that your locks are devoid of other styling product residues and that there is enough moisture to withstand the heat.

What comes next is the tension method. Turn the hair dryer on, and direct it on the middle portion of the mane downwards. You just have to smooth out the kinks on that part with a paddle brush to ascertain that it won’t lose the natural-looking waves at the ends.

After that, the chase method requires you to straighten tiny sections of hair using your trusted flat iron. The technique is called as such because you ought to run a fine-toothed comb down one section prior to clamping the hot tool on it.

This lets you avoid pressing your locks multiple times, which can definitely cause catastrophe to your hair. Nonetheless, a silk press does not simply entail having straight hair. You can create soft, voluminous curls too by twisting small segments of it with the flat iron.

4. How Long Does A Silk Press Last?

The longevity of a silk press ultimately depends on the weather condition in your area and the body type. On a cool climate, the relaxed hair can stay straight for two weeks since there is less moisture in the air and your scalp will not sweat.

If you live in a humid place or you just perspire easily, the kinks may return even when you do not wash your mane. We have heard of cases in which the silk press has held on for six weeks.

As wonderful as that sounds, it is not very hygienic because it means not shampooing for a month and a half too. A total of 14 days seems good enough to enjoy your relaxed mane. The hair should have rested well from the heat by then, so you can go through the process again if you wish.

5. How To Keep The Silky Straight Hair Longer?

How To Keep The Silky Straight Hair Longer

Have A Silk Wrap

Wrapping your hair with a satin or silk scarf allows you to maintain the new hairstyle. It should not be a crazy idea for most as this practice has probably been done for ages already. Cover your mane with it when going out or before bed.

Choose The Right Products

In case you want to make your weave extra shiny, do it using organic oils that will also help add moisture to the strands. For women staying in a location with high humidity level, it may be best to get items containing silicone to assure that water cannot touch your hair.

Love The Flat Silk Press

The bouncy curls that Hollywood stars usually rock on the red carpet can be seen on you after the silk press.

However, ascertain that you will go for the flat type wherein only the curly parts are the tips. The farther they are from the roots, the longer the rest of your mane will stay straight.

Remove Split Ends

If your job requires you to remain under the sun for extended number of hours on a daily basis, you are prone to having your ends split.

You have to check that often because this damaged portion does not adhere to straightening rules, and so it can change the overall appearance of the hair.

Is The Silk Press For You?

The silk press suits you if:

  • You have kinky locks;
  • You are bored of the conventional press and curl; and
  • You want your straightened hair to last more than a day.

"Things to know about what is silk press?". Give it a try soon. Let me know in the Comments section how it turned out for you. Good luck!

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