What Kind Of Hair To Use For Box Braids? All You Need To Know

What kind of hair to use for box braids

"What kind of hair to use for box braids?". Do you find that your hair becomes far too easily damaged in the winter cold? Are you sick of having to wash and style it tirelessly every morning? If you’re nodding your head, and I imagine most of you are, then why not consider box braids?

Box braiding has countless benefits to hair health, whilst also meaning you have much less of a hair routine in the mornings. It doesn't even cost so much, as quoted by Cost Freak. So, if you’re interested, and you want to get on board with this box braiding business, the next question is, what kind of hair should you be using? And, how do you do it?


What Kind Of Hair To Use For Box Braids?

What kind of hair to use for box braids

Box Braiding Is A Personal Kind Of Deal

What hair you use and how you do it really depend on the type of hair you have. If you have enough of your own natural hair, and it is thick enough, without being damaged, then you could easily box braid your own hair, provided you follow the preparation steps we will talk about a little later.

If you’re lacking in the hair department somewhat, then you need a little help. Synthetic hair pieces are used to weave into your own natural style, to create length and thickness, without having to wait for your own natural hair to grow.

The downside of this however is that you could be sat there in the hairdresser’s chair for quite a few hours. Is the outcome worth it? Yes!

Your hairdresser may be able to recommend different brands of hair to use, but you can also shop around online and find your own for a cheaper price.

Kanekalon is well recommended, and their Jumbo Braid Extension Hair is a great go-to for those who don’t have the thickest natural wig themselves.

Alternatively, check out FreeTress Braid Box, which offers cost-effective hair pieces to add to your own for box braiding purposes. Both products are strong and long-lasting, with fantastic reviews from previous users.

The general rule is that three packs of hair are needed for an average person, but again, it really depends on how much natural hair thickness and length you have.

In terms of how many braids, you again need to look at your own hair – if you have fine hair, don’t braid your hair too thick because it can pull due to the wait, and if you have thick hair, don’t do thin braids because you will end up with far too many.

  • Here is a great video on how to do box braids yourself

Box Braiding Preparation

You can’t just grab your hair and braid it, hoping for the best – that is basically a big recipe for hair disaster! Instead, you need to make sure your prepare your hair in order for your braids to not only look great but to protect the quality of your hair whilst they are in style.

Box braiding prep is pretty easy, as you can see from this video on how to prepare for box braids.

  • Shampoo your hair, making sure all traces of product are rinsed out
  • Detangle carefully
  • Condition your hair, a deep conditioning product, such as Aussie Three Minute Miracle is a great cost-effective product to try
  • Again, rinse out all traces of product
  • Carefully blow dry your hair

These simple, easy steps will ensure that your hair is in the best condition prior to box braiding.

Prepare your hair, shampoo, detangle and deep condition and blow dry before braiding for the best healthiest environment.

How To Look After Your Beautiful Braids

How To Look After Your Beautiful Braids

Great news! Of course, you need to maintain your braids so they last as long as possible, whilst also keeping your hair in good condition for when the braids are taken out.

Looking after box braids isn’t difficult, and provided you prepared your hair properly beforehand, you wouldn't have too many issues.

The best advice is to wear a silk scarf at night, or sleep on a silk pillowcase, because this will cut down on frizziness and stop any ends from ‘peeking out’ and becoming split over time. Check out this video for more information on how to look after your box braids.

When it comes to releasing the braids, be sure to head back to the hairdresser to have them removed properly, or if you did them yourself, be very gentle and don’t pull, ensuring you detangle the braid one by one – yes, it’s going to take time!

To Sum It All Up …

Box braids are a fantastically fashionable way to protect your hair and cut down on styling hassle. Do you have that morning sinking feeling when you know you have to go through a lengthy routine with your hair? Box braids are certainly for you in that case!

Check out the different types of hair on the market, such as Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Extension Hair and FreeTress Braid Box, to make sure you get right product for you, and look forward to a world of less hair hassle!

"What kind of hair to use for box braids?".  Have you tried box braids in the past? What did you think of them? Leave us a comment below if you have any questions or experiences!

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