Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast – 5 Possible Reasons As To

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast

"Why does my hair grow so fast" when I do not want it to be?

I have voiced out this question many times to my stylist – but mostly to myself – whenever I stare at the mirror and realize that I need to get a trim only after a couple of months to maintain my new bob.

I am not frustrated about the pampering that usually comes with a haircut when I visit my favorite salon, but penciling it in my jam-packed calendar is not pleasurable at all.

This recurring circumstance became my cue to begin researching about the probable reasons that may cause the hair to grow quickly.

Though some of the ideas I am going to share may get a little scientific, I will try to make things easily understandable that you will be able to recount all of them to another friend by the end of this article.

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast

1. Pregnancy Affects Rapid Hair Growth.

Pregnancy Affects Rapid Hair Growth

The first concept I found out is that being pregnant allows your locks to lengthen faster. It just does not apply to me as I am still single, but it may be for you if you have a baby on the way.

It happens because of the hormonal changes that expectant mothers typically experience when the androgen levels rise within the body at the beginning of the first trimester.

The said hormone is also the reason why we get hair growing in different places during the puberty stage, and it acts out once more when you are pregnant.

Your system can convert the androgen into estrogen, the female hormone, which can speed up the development of your locks.

Since the growing cycle becomes prolonged, it may not go through a resting phase for a while, so you may see lesser number of strands falling off during the pregnancy. Things will return to normal, however, once you deliver your child into the world.

2. You Do Not Shampoo Every Day

You Do Not Shampoo Every Day

The fast growth of your locks may also be due to your fondness of skipping shampoo even when you shower or bathe daily. It is one activity that I can admit to since I do not like how my hair feels dry after shampooing.

This seems to be a good call as according to Mark Townsend, a renowned stylist to the Hollywood stars, the strands cannot grow quickly if you remove the natural oils that the scalp produces with the chemicals found in shampoos.

Some may get irked out if we tell them about it because they will think that the dirt particles will remain on your head, but it does not mean you have to avoid shampoo.

 In case you love how your locks develop, just wash the scalp with the product up to three times a week and use more oils and conditioners to protect the hair.

3. Curlers And Straighteners Have Minimal To Zero Space In Your Life

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast

A lot of women refuse to leave the house without blow-drying their damp locks first or styling it with a heated equipment. Unfortunately, these are also the women whose hair may fall off and develop split ends which may stop it from growing for months.

Excessive exposure to heat damages your strands and makes it susceptible to breaking. The harm reaches the core, so even when you chop off the dead ends but continue straightening or curling at high temperatures, the new ones will still break.

So should you shave it all off to make it grow faster? Unfortunately, shaving hair doesn’t increase hair growth.

If your hair grows so fast, though, there is a good chance that you only let a curling iron near you during special occasions.

4. You Get A Lot Of Relaxation Time

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast

Does your work or family not give you stress these days? That may be a reason behind your rapid hair development.

Based on studies, when your level of anxiety increases, the nerve cells react by producing a high amount of cortisol through the adrenal gland. This stress hormone, as many call this chemical, has a tendency to shove the hair follicles into the resting stage from the growing phase in an instance.

Alternatively, when you do not get affected by things that may stress you out, nothing can tamper with the proper growth of your mane. The glands will not be in battle mode as well, so they will not generate hormones that can make your hair stop growing.

5. Your Diet Is Better Than Ever

Your Diet for hair

If you wish to know why the growth of your locks is noticeably quicker now than before, kindly recall the food varieties you have been eating recently.

We have seen research which states that cysteine, an amino acid, can potentially reverse hair loss. This is one of the building blocks of protein that can be found in dairy and poultry products.

Thus, if you have eggs and yogurt for breakfast, and then chicken or turkey dishes for lunch and dinner, you can digest it naturally.

There is another vitamin known as biotin that can do wonders for your hair and overall well-being. A few dietary supplements contain this coenzyme, but in case you always consume different kinds of nuts, fish, and soybeans, you do not have to worry about the pills.


I have an inkling as to "why does my hair grow so fast", and I hope you understand why yours do too after processing the five possible causes we have laid out above. Rapid hair growth is a good thing as it means that you are a healthy human being. To prevent a setback, however, make sure that you will:

  • Allow your body to rest for hours;
  • Get rid of the stressful aspects of your life;
  • Eat lean meat and vegetables instead of red meat;
  • Stay away from heat; and
  • Bask in the glory of being a pregnant woman, if applicable.

Have we missed any detail that may solve other hair development queries you may still have? If so, leave a message below so that we can be of further help to you.

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