Why Does My Hair Hurt – The Ultimate Guide

Why Does My Hair Hurt

I have been seeing online a hair care tip which states that not washing your hair for a few days a week is okay to let the natural sebum coat the strands. When I tried it two months ago, however, the actual locks were giving me so much pain that I felt the need to consult several sources to understand what was going on.

In this article, I plan on sharing "why does my hair hurt" at that time, as well as the other reasons that may reflect on your lifestyle and how to prevent it from happening ever again.


 Why Does My Hair Hurt?

 Why Does My Hair Hurt

The most straightforward answer is no, because the discomfort you assume to come from the strands is actually due to the inflammation of your scalp.

According to Joshua Zeichner, a celebrated dermatologist in New York City, when the blood vessels on the scalp become swollen, the irritation transports to the nerve cells connected to the follicles, the roots of the hair. This is why it is as if the tresses are hurting.

What Causes Agony To The Scalp?

What Causes Agony To The Scalp

​Like I have mentioned above, why does my hair hurt is the fact that I gave in to my curiosity and did not wash it for days. It also happens to be the main reason why others experience this problem. Yes, read that: not washing your hair is bad.

​Some of my friends seemed a little offended when I told them about this fact, and you may be too if you only use shampoo and conditioner a couple of times in one week. But dermatologists like Francesca Fusco already claim that the dirt and oil buildup on the skin irritates it along with the things you do or apply to the greasy hair to cover the fact that it has been washed three or five days prior.

These ‘things’ include:

1. Abusing Dry Shampoo.

​The dry shampoo is the BFF of women whose mane is too fine to hold those curls that we wish to rock once in a while. It is harmless if you utilize it for that specific purpose, yet it will surely cause a turmoil on your scalp in case you plan on using this on a daily basis.

The product works by masking the hair follicles with a spray-on solution so that the oil will not go to the surface and make the dirty truth about your hair apparent. The issue with this dry shampoo is that it adds to the filth and the sebum which are left unwashed on your head, hence causing the skin inflammation.

2. Putting The Locks Up In A Tight Hairstyle.

Another common mistake that a person with greasy hair make is braiding or tying it in a bun. The practice is widespread enough that there are ladies who show different styles you can do on the internet, similar to this one:

Although it seems like a smart idea since the individuals you will meet can only focus on how chic the hairstyle is, it is rather unwise because the act effectively applies pressure on the hair as you pull it from the scalp.

This problem did not manifest in my case as I just tried the no-hair-washing routine in less than a month. However, from the information I have gathered recently, doing it over and over again can not only hurt your follicles but also make you the perfect candidate for traction alopecia, a condition in which your strands will fall off.

3. Cleaning It Too Much.

​Of course, the initial resolve of everyone who gets told that dirty locks cause various hair and scalp dilemmas is to shampoo it as much as their budget can afford. I am hoping, though, that you are not among these folks because over-shampooing can never be good for your well-being.

A New-York-based dermatologist named Debra Jaliman said that washing the hair a lot can remove most of the oil and moisture on the scalp, hence transforming it into a dry, flaky surface with an unbalanced pH level.

​More Reasons Why The Hair Hurts

Reasons Why The Hair Hurts

​1. Migraine

​In occasions wherein you feel hair aching even when you cleanse your head regularly, the pain may be a symptom of your migraine. As the constant headache caused by this illness often shoots up to various nerve ending, the simplest brushing of the locks may hurt you.

The medical society calls it allodynia. Your hygiene no longer matters here since the issue originates from the inside. What you should do to prevent its occurrence is treat the disorder immediately.

​2. Chemicals

​According to Debra Jaliman, years of exposure to bleaching and dyeing solutions allows your system to create an intolerance towards them. The end result is that the hair will always be sensitive whenever you apply any colorant or bleach to it.

It has much to do with the pH balance that gets affected by the chemicals that change your hair color. There are sadly no brands yet that offer specialized dyes to remedy the problem, but you may dab on the topical steroids that a doctor may prescribe.

​3. Infection

Because the scalp cannot breathe most of the time with the number of strands covering it and there is a possibility that you do not clean it often, bacterial and microbial infections may inflame the skin. You cannot move on and pray that it will go away in time as such diseases need to be contained and cured before they progress into a more serious case.

​The Conclusion

Pinpointing the reason "why does my hair hurt" was easy, and hopefully it is now for you too after reading all of its probable causes above. Here are the resolutions we can gain from this article:

  • Wash your hair more than twice or thrice a week.
  • Do not always constraint it in a tight braid or bun.
  • In case you have a migraine, find a remedy for this condition to stop the headache from affecting the hair follicles.
  • Reduce the number of times you visit the salon for dyeing or perming.

Leave us a quick note regarding how these details have helped you in some way.

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