6 Holistic Ways To Improve Digestion

Ways To Improve Digestion

Do you ever think that some of your problems may be related to less effective digestion? How do you improve digestion and take care of yourself? Apart from the tell-tale signs like bloating and stomach acid, you may also face depression.

Have we got your attention now? As you get older you’ll have to take more care of your body. Your digestion system becomes weaker too. At 25 you may not digest as well you did at 15. Read on to know things you probably didn’t know about yourself!


Eat Gut-Friendly Foods

Fiber! The stress on fiber in a well-balanced diet is not without reason. Fiber is roughage that your body needs to digest food. When coupled with water, roughage becomes better. Vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans are great sources of fiber. Eating fiber-rich foods also keeps you full and you keep away from the urge to binge.

It keeps the risk of heart disease and diabetes at bay in addition to a healthy bowel. There are two types of fiber - soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and insoluble fiber improves digestion which prevents health deterrents like hemorrhoids.

Have Plenty Of Liquids

The digestive system needs to be adequately lubricated to digest trace nutrients efficiently. These nutrients are only needed in trace amounts but deficiencies can throw the body completely off balance.

An excess of these elements can be fatal for the body too. Keeping your intestines healthy can improve absorption in the right quantities. Hydration is very important for the stomach too. Stomach acids and digestive juices are very corrosive and if not hydrated properly can result in acidity and heartburn. 

Bring The Good Gugs And Remove The Bad

Have a lot of probiotics! Probiotics are foods rich in good bacteria that break down food faster and are good for stomach enzymes too. They are in yogurt and some fermented foods. You can have a cup of yogurt after your meals to help absorb nutrients better.

 Sometimes you could also have parasites in your intestines which slow down nutrient absorption and cause other problems like pain and fatigue. You could even have depression, foggy brain and memory problems.

You can observe ways and techniques, to remove parasites naturally at 12-best-essential-oils-for-parasite-cleansing. Now you can detox yourself for parasites, naturally and without spending much either.

Chew Food Properly

The benefits of chewing your food properly are endless for your digestive system. The speed of the entire digestive process is the same whether you chew your food properly or not. If the food isn’t properly chewed, the digestive system has to work more which means there isn’t efficient absorption of nutrients.​

Trace nutrients in the body take time to digest and if the digestion isn't optimal, there could be a deficiency. Eat slowly and mindfully, focusing only on the food at meal times.


We can’t stress enough on exercise to improve your life. Exercise not only keeps your digestion fit but also oils all your joints well. When you exercise, every muscle gets used which keeps away those nagging aches and pains. Every organ gets an adequate supply of oxygen and functions well.

It keeps you in good spirits and even keeps mental diseases at bay. When you exercise, the body digests food faster to break down fats and carbohydrates to generate energy. This ensures that you digest food completely and minimize deficiencies.

Soothe Stress

A gut clenching feeling is stress alright. When you’re stressed out, it affects your digestion too. Stress releases hormones that work against digestion. Adrenalin sends blood to your extremities when it is needed in the digestive system to digest food properly.

If you’re unable to destress then take a short brisk walk to improve circulation to all parts of the body. This makes sure that you absorb all nutrients efficiently and your body sends adequate oxygen to the rest of the organs. Stress impedes digestion making you fatigued and your brain foggy. 

When digestion isn’t good, everything seems to fall apart. You can’t function properly and life becomes really tough. It’s not very difficult to maintain a good digestive tract. You just have to make a few lifestyle changes.

The importance of keeping digestion good increases as you get older. You may have noticed subtle changes in digestion as you grew up; the intensity and digestive functions deteriorate over time. There is nothing to worry about. Just be a responsible adult and take care of your body as you want it to take care of you. 

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