Should You Try Vaseline As An Acne Treatment?

Should You Try Vaseline As An Acne Treatment

Beauty experts everywhere insist that the secret to beautiful skin lies in hydration and moisture. It’s essential to keep your skin from becoming dry, beauty experts Ministry of Hair recommend the use of moisturising products on your scalp to see beneficial effects on your face. And they are not the only ones.

It is a well known fact that moisturising products can make a huge difference to the health of your skin and your overall appearance.

But is it possible to be too moisturised? Appearing greasy is something nobody wants. Which is why the new Vaseline trend is all the more controversial.


Should You Try Vaseline As An Acne Treatment?

Is Vaseline the Answer?


Vaseline is one of the most well-know products in the world. It’s a staple for households all over and can be used for a huge range of purposes. From soothing dry skin to assisting in treating nappy rash, almost all people will have a jar of this somewhere around the house. However, one thing people never thought it would be used for is: acne treatments.

​But Doesn’t Excess Oil Cause Breakouts?

Most people believe that acne is caused by excessive oil. For the most cases this is true. So why on earth would someone want to add more oil on their face if they are dealing with acne issues?

Despite this, not all oil is bad for your skin. Drying out your skin can actually make matters much worse. When you are faced with problem acne, you need to try to find a balance between too much oil, and not enough. This is why it is so important to moisturise day and night, even when you are fighting pimples.

​The Vaseline Difference

So how would adding, possibly the most oily substance on your skin help with acne? The truth is that vaseline applied onto skin does not cause pimples to form. Vaseline is in fact non-comedogenic. The molecules inside vaseline are too large to fit inside our pores. Adding it to your skin will not cause it to block your pores.

​How it Works

Vaseline on the skin actually forms a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping. The addition of this to your routine can actually help the products you use on your skin to work more effectively. For example, after applying moisturiser on your skin and waiting for it to absorb, you can follow it with vaseline!

If you have acne, it is important to have hydrated skin. Your skin needs to have a barrier in which it can repair itself. Otherwise you risk creating more acne. Vaseline can help with this, and there are many users online reporting that this actually does work!

​Sluglife - The Vaseline Trend

Should You Try Vaseline As An Acne Treatment

While this new trend (nicknamed: Sluglife from instagrammers and beauty bloggers) may have gathered a lot of attention recently, as with any new trend, it is important to not place too much faith in it. There is quite a bit of evidence that this may help, but of course nobody wants to walk around all day with a greasy face. Try it out for a little while and see if it makes any difference with you.

Vaseline is not the only petroleum jelly product out there. Many different brands have their own product so these are worth exploring too.

​Healing Properties

Vaseline has long been known for its fantastic ability to heal wounds. Acne essentially causes abrasions and harm to the skin, so this may be one of the reasons it helps so much in clearing this up.

It is worth noting that some people may find that they have a sensitivity to vaseline or petroleum jelly. While the amount of people that have had reactions to this product is very low, due to the nature of the ingredients, you should always try a patch test first on skin that can be hidden to see if you may be one of the small percentage that should not use it.

​How to Use it

If vaseline does work for this purpose, it may be the next best thing for dry skin cures too. As mentioned, combining it with your moisturising routine for a few days will show you whether this treatment is right for you. Make sure you do continue using your usual moisturiser as vaseline cannot actually be absorbed by the skin.

Everybody remembers the episode of the Tyra Banks show where she revealed her love for vaseline as eye cream. She actually gifted the audience with Swarovski decorated jars of vaseline in mock-Oprah style and danced around in an excited frenzy. While most of media disregarded this as a leap for attention, the question remains: what if she was right?

​Try it and See!

Should You Try Vaseline As An Acne Treatment

Vaseline could well be a great treatment for your skin. While most of us have always avoided it due to the belief that it will cause more pimples, it is possible that it might be a handy product to try. It is cost-effective, unlikely to cause any severe reaction and most of us have a jar lying around at home.

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