4 Tips For Stylish And Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Everyone suffers days where their hair is uncooperative and messy. But, everyone also has days where their hair looks astoundingly good.

But, what can you do to minimize the amount of not-so-good hair days and welcome more of the latter? Some people assume that only hair stylists have the power to create good hair days, but that’s not the case.

There are so many things you can do to end the dictatorship your hair has over you and take back rightful control of your appearance. Here are four tips for stylish and healthy hair.

4 Tips for Stylish and Healthy Hair at Home

Invest in Good Products

Healthy Hair

With so many hair care products on the market, it can be hard to rummage through the ineffective ones and discover the ones that do wonders for your hair.

Aside from styling products, you want products that are also healthy for your hair. A lot of styling products contain harsh chemicals that damage the integrity of your hair. While they may deliver on appearances, your hair’s luster will diminish over time.

It is possible to find hair care that doubles as a styling product. Shop from Playa Beauty or other natural brands to discover a carefully crafted array of these kinds of products.

One of Playa’s best products is the New Day Hair Mist. It acts both as a hairspray and it moisturizes your hair using ingredients like aloe water so you can ease dents and creases without resorting to heated tools.

Limit How Often You Wash Your Hair

So many people wash their hair too frequently. Not many people know that doing so actually does more harm than good. It seems counterintuitive to wash your hair less in order to have healthier hair, but it works.

Shampoos strip your hair of its natural proteins and oils that ensure your scalp and hair are healthy. This is especially true if you have color-treated hair that is already dry and porous.

Try washing your hair only a couple of times a week. It will be hard at first and your hair will likely produce excess oil because it is not used to the change. Persevere through this stage and your hair will thank you for it.

Protect your Hair

Excessive heat is detrimental to your hair. If you won’t give up the heated styling tools, make sure you are using a heat protector before using those tools on your head.

If you dry your hair quite often, keep a good distance between the hair dryer and your head. Doing so will help prevent split ends and coarse hair.

Brush the Right Way 

Many people are too aggressive with their hairbrushes which leads to damaged, fluffy hair. If you don’t use a softer touch while brushing, you’ll just rip the hair out of your head and cause split ends.

To properly brush your hair, brush once in the day and once at night for only a minute each time. Instead of brushing straight down from the root, begin at the bottom and ease your way up. Also, avoid brushing when your hair is wet because it is more susceptible to breakage.

Know Your Hair

Ultimately, every person’s hair responds differently to various types of tools and treatments. To avoid creating an arsenal of hair care products that don’t work for you, study your hair so you understand what your primary concerns are.

If you have dry or color-treated hair, opt for reparative products that moisturize your hair. If you have excessively oily hair, don’t wash too frequently. Taking care of your hair is personal and your routine should be uniquely yours.

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